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This MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications will teach you how to develop applications in PHP and use MySQL efficiently for those applications. Through a hands-on approach, this instructor-led course will help you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create best-of-breed web applications that are efficient, solid and secure.

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  1. Introduction
    • MySQL Overview
    • MySQL Products
    • MySQL Services
    • MySQL Enterprise Services
    • Supported Operating Systems
    • MySQL Certification Program
    • Training Curriculum Paths
    • MySQL Website
  2. LAMP
    • LAMP Architecture
    • Apache Server
    • The MySQL Database
    • PHP
    • Installing XAMPP
  3. PHP Foundations
    • Delimit PHP code within HTML
    • Comment PHP code
    • Construct Feedback
    • Use the Data Types available in PHP
    • Use Key Control Statements
    • Develop Reusable Code with user defined functions
  4. MySQL Foundations
    • General Architecture
    • MySQL client
    • Tables
    • Storage Engines
    • SELECT statement
    • Aggregate queries
  5. PHP Connecting to MySQL
    • Establish and close a connection to the MySQL server from PHP
    • Retrieve and display data from the MySQL server
  6. Linking Between Tables
    • Define and create an HTML link
    • Create the ability to pass information between web pages
    • Link dynamic pages to other pages
  7. SQL DML
    • Use the INSERT statement
    • Use the UPDATE statement
    • Use the REPLACE statement
    • Use the DELETE statement
  8. Forms
    • Create and design HTML web forms
    • Update data in a MySQL database using a web form
    • Delete MySQL data with PHP
    • Insert new records in MySQL using web forms
  9. Joins
    • Describe the concept of a Join
    • Connect Data from Multiple Tables using Joins
    • Resolve Name Clashes when Joining Tables
  10. Session Handling
    • Describe Session Handling
    • Use Session Handling Tasks
    • Database Authentication
  11. Common Techniques
    • Template Systems
    • Smarty Template System
  12. Conclusion
    • Course Overview
    • Training and Certification Website
    • Course Evaluation
    • Thank You!
    • Q&A Session
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Dodatkowe informacje

  • Understand how HTML files are assembled
  • Understand fundamental PHP syntax
  • Have some programming experience (preferably PHP)
  • Some experience with relational databases
  • Have some knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming
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