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Learn how networks are being redefined to support a 5G world and what is required of businesses to take advantage of new technologies like IoT, Edge and AI.

Managers and their technical partners will be the ones to build the next great innovations based on the capabilities of 5G – but in order to do so, they require a fundamental understanding of the market pressures and a basic understanding of the technologies driving this shift – technologies like Edge computing, IoT and AI. Businesses will gain new ways to enhance customer experience, deliver hyper-personalization, and improve operational efficiency, among the many ways that we’re only now beginning to imagine. Students of this course will walk away with the knowledge needed to put 5G to work in their businesses, empowering them to lead their teams into the future. With these tools, they will be recognized within their organizations as experts on the modernization of business networks.

What you’ll learn

  • Discern between the hype and real opportunities of 5G technologies
  • Understand where we are in the 5G rollout and what to expect next
  • Gain an understanding of how 5G will impact your business
  • Understand the technologies driving network modernization
  • Learn what use cases apply to your business for optimizing customer experience and hyper-personalization and for improving operational efficiency and scalability
  • Begin to take the first steps towards building and executing a transition strategy that prepares your business for the 5G future

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Welcome to the 5G World
  2. 5G Takes You to the Edge
  3. 5G, Edge, IoT, and AI Give Birth to Digital Transformation
  4. Preparing Your Network for the 5G World
  5. Moving Beyond Imagination
  6. Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only)
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Wymagania wstępne

Basic understanding of 5G, IoT, AI concepts and terminology

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  • 2 hours of course material
  • Graded Quizzes (for paid certificate only)
  • Video Content
  • Discussion Forums
  • Unlimited Access to Online Course
  • Optional Paid Certificate of Completion

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LFS110 Business Considerations for 5G, IoT and AI

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