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This training course covers monitoring and managing a computer network with HPE Intelligent Management Center Software Platform (IMC) version 7.3. This course discusses installation, then teaches adding devices, viewing and managing both firmware and configuration, and finally teaches managing alarms and VLANs. The hands-on laboratory exercises monitor and manage ArubaOS Switch, ArubaOS-CX, Comware, Cisco, Arista, pfSense firewall, Windows server, VMware ESXi, and Linux server.

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe IMC’s software structure
  • Describe the protocols IMC uses to monitor and manage devices
  • Discover devices automatically and add devices manually
  • View the managed devices in multiple ways
  • Manage device configurations and firmware
  • Automate device configuration changes
  • Monitor the network’s performance


  • Network engineers and administrators
  • Network architects and consultants

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Introduction to IMC
    • Know the available documentation
    • Understand IMC’s design
    • Know the Deployment Monitoring Agent’s function
    • Know IMC’s available Views
    • Know IMC’s Configuration Management options
    • Understand how network events become IMC alarms
    • Know how to configure and view VLANs through IMC
  2. Installation and Initial Access
    • Know how to login to IMC
    • Understand the difference between an operator and user
    • Know how to add a user and group
    • Know where to look for IMC documentation
    • Know how to install an IMC module
    • Know how to configure Display Tiling
  3. Adding Devices
    • Know how to add both an “Access Parameter Template” and a “Configuration Template”
    • Know how to use “Auto Discovery” to add devices to IMC
    • Know how to use “Add Device” to add devices to IMC
    • Know how to use “Check Access Settings” and interpret the output
    • Know how to install and use DBman
  4. MIB Management
    • Browse traps
    • Import private MIBs into IMC
    • Escalate a trap (event) to an alarm
  5. View Management
    • Acess and manage the Network Topology
    • Access the IP Topology View
    • Appreciate the difference between the IP View and IP Topology View
    • Create a Custom View
    • Create a Port Group view
    • Create a Custom View
    • Create a Data Center Topology
  6. Configuration Management
    • Recognize the network device management tasks
    • Use the device detail screens to troubleshoot single device connectivity issues
    • Describe and perform a batch operation typical to a common customer use model
    • Demonstrate management of device configurations using IMC Configuration Center (CC), including backing up configuration files, creating and comparing baselines for configuration files, and creating and deploying configuration templates
    • Demonstrate management of device software using IMC CC, including managing the software library, defining and auditing baselines for software, and updating software on devices
    • Describe Live Update capabilities, limitations, and common problems that might occur during updating software on managed devices
  7. Alarms & Events
    • Browse and manage alarms in IMC
    • Recognize when to use SNMP traps and when to use syslog
    • Recognize the use and limitations of the IMC syslog solution
    • Use IMC’s alarm features to troubleshoot network problems
    • Manage SNMP traps
    • Track the status of devices over time using syslog
    • Interpret alarms using IMC’s home window gadgets
    • Correlate events on one device with trigger events on another
    • Describe the use of alarm notifications
  8. VLAN Management
    • Be familiar with VLAN terms used by different vendors
    • Compare and contrast different methods to implement VLANs using IMC
    • Implement VLANs across network infrastructures
    • Manage VLANs on individual devices
    • Implement a VLAN component on one or more devices
    • Analyze VLAN topology maps using IMC
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Wymagania wstępne

Learners should have networking experience to get the most from this training course.

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Czas trwania 3 dni

After completing the course, participants receive a certificate of completion of an authorized HP course.


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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