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What is TrainingPass?

Find answers to questions about everyday operational and administrative tasks related to your BIG-IP system and environment. TrainingPass includes more than 50 mini-lessons and episodes – organized in multiple series – each with a video and carefully curated resources that cover:

  • Preventative maintenance: Discover iHealth and other tools to keep your BIG-IP system running with greater efficiency
  • Setup tasks: Understand and perform configuration and administration tasks to get any BIG-IP system up and running
  • Security: Ensure your BIG-IP system and the applications it delivers are secure
  • Ongoing Operations: Learn daily performance and security monitoring tasks, and get help with automating operations


TrainingPass Benefits:

  • Technical Operations and Administration Content: trainingPass courses provide a broad set of technical training content that covers key F5 infrastructure and security technologies with a focus on: Setup, Preventative Maintenance, Ongoing Operations, Troubleshooting, and Security.
  • Grow Your Professional Skills:the course catalog delivers leading-edge content that maps to current business and technology needs to help ensure your applications and solutions are Available, Fast and Secure.
  • Consume at Your Own Pace: all courses are provided online so that they can be accessed 24x7 to accommodate the shifting schedules of IT and DevOps professionals.

TrainingPass Current Catalog:

  • Standalone BIG-IP Initial Setup
  • Implementing an Active-Standby HA Pair
  • Hardening the BIG-IP System
  • Monitoring Application Delivery
  • Upgrading a BIG-IP System
  • Using TCPDUMP on a BIG-IP System
  • Troubleshooting Device Service Clustering
  • Working with End User Diagnostics (EUD)
  • Creating and Downloading a UCS Archive
  • Customizing System Preferences
  • Working with F5 Support: Opening a Case
  • Working with F5 Support: Processing and Downloading Core Dump Files
  • Working with F5 Support: Processing Local Log Files
  • Working with F5 Support: Uploading Files
  • Working with iHealth Part 1: Creating and Uploading a QKView
  • Working with iHealth Part 2: Viewing Diagnostics and Status Information
  • Working with iHealth Part 3: Troubleshooting
  • Working with iHealth Part 4: Examining the BIG-IP Configuration
  • Working with Single Configuration Files (SCF)

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