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This PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 training that goes through update image 15 is a three part training that combines the Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM, Human Resources, and Base Benefits courses. The first section of this course serves as a prerequisite for other PeopleSoft HCM application classes and covers the central concepts behind PeopleSoft applications. The Human Resources portion of the course is designed to provide a solid foundation for implementing PeopleSoft Human Resources for an organization. The last section covers the activities and functions required to set-up and administer benefits through PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits. This section also encompasses the structure and set-up of benefit plans, benefit programs and payroll deductions.

Learn To: 

  • Navigate through the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) and PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.
  • Access and search through the online help.
  • Identify and setup the core Human Resources implementation tables.
  • Manage worker data manually and by using Position Management.
  • Set up benefit health and welfare plans, savings and pension plans, and benefit programs.
  • Enroll employees in benefit programs and add dependents and beneficiaries.

Benefits to You: 

Better understand the central concepts of PeopleSoft and how these concepts and technologies are implemented in HCM. Become familiar with PeopleSoft features and functionality that are used in HCM. Help users realize both the capabilities and enhanced usability of HCM applications, and improve the productivity of your organization. Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of PeopleSoft Workforce Administration. Better understand the foundation and configuration options of the PeopleSoft Base Benefits applications in order to meet your organization’s business requirements.

Set Up Core HR Foundation Tables

 Learn about and set up the core Human Resources foundation tables that support your workforce. After setting up these tables, you will learn about data permission security and how to access or restrict worker data.

 Set Up Manual Benefit Plans and Programs

 Examine and implement health (medical, dental, vision), life (group life, supplemental life, dependent life), disability (LTD, STD), savings (401k, profit sharing), leave (vacation, sick, personal), and flexible and health spending accounts (FSA, HSA) benefit plans.

 Manage Employee Data and Benefits

 Hire workers into the system and manage personnel records and employment history through manual changes and Position Management. Utilize the Company Directory, using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface pages, and manager dashboards to view and update employee data.

 Perform activities where you enroll employees in benefit plans, set up dependent and beneficiary data, calculate benefit deduction amounts, and create and retrieve historical benefit data. You will also create and track Affordable Care Act (ACA) eligibility, review eBenefits self service functionality, and examine imputed income calculations.


  • Set up spending and savings accounts
  • Set up core human resource foundation tables
  • Set up health plans
  • Set up payroll deductions for benefit plans
  • Describing the core PeopleSoft Human Resources business process
  • Explaining what reporting tools are available in PeopleSoft applications
  • Calculate benefit deduction amounts
  • Describing how the Process Scheduler operates
  • Define and manage benefit plans and programs
  • Enroll employees, dependents, and beneficiaries in benefit plans
  • Identifying the types of relational databases
  • Add people in the PeopleSoft system
  • Define and administer data permission security

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Navigating Through the PeopleSoft System
  2. Working with PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface and Dashboards
  3. Understanding the System Structure
  4. Working With Tables
  5. Running Human Resources Processes and Reports
  6. Defining the Human Resources Business Process
  7. Setting Up Installation Settings and Companies
  8. Setting Up Business Units and TableSet Sharing
  9. Setting Up Establishments, Locations, and Departments
  10. Setting Up Compensation
  11. Setting Up Jobs and Pay Groups
  12. Administering Data Permission Security
  13. Adding and Maintaining People in the PeopleSoft System
  14. Managing Positions
  15. Setting Up Payroll Deductions
  16. Setting Up Benefit Plans, Health Plans, and Benefit Programs
  17. Setting Up Life Insurance Plans
  18. Setting Up Disability Plans
  19. Setting Up Savings Plans
  20. Setting Up Leave Plans
  21. Setting Up Spending and Savings Accounts
  22. Adding New Employees, Dependents, and Beneficiaries and Enrolling Employees into Benefit Plans
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