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This Siebel Open UI Foundations training first introduces students to the Siebel Open UI user interface and architecture. The second part of the course introduces the concept of the Open UI "manifest" and how to administer it, then describes presentation models and physical renderers. The final lesson of the course describes the Siebel mobile interface in both connected and disconnected modes.

Learn To: 

  • Describe the Siebel Open UI architecture.
  • Identify the key file types involved in customizing the Siebel Open UI client.
  • Administer Siebel Open UI customizations.
  • Make simple customizations in themes and cascading style sheets.
  • Make simple customizations in Open UI desktop applications.

Benefits to You: 

By taking this course, you'll develop a deep understanding of the new Siebel Open UI framework and its benefits and features. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the overall architecture so you can customize the Open UI Client through examples of customizing the manifest, the presentation model (how to apply client-side logic) and the physical renderer (how to change the way the data is presented to the users). You'll also develop the skills to debug as needed.

Apply Styling 

This course will walk you through the steps involved in changing the overall look and feel of the application using cascading style sheets, which are grouped into themes. Once themes are created, you can individually select the theme of your choosing.

Learn Through Hands-On Exercises

Expert Oracle instructors demonstrate how to use the new architecture through a series of examples. Please note this course does not teach JavaScript, CSS or HTML. It's recommended that you have a background in Siebel Tools.


  • Describe the Siebel Open UI architecture
  • Identify the key file types involved in customizing the Siebel Open UI client
  • Administer Siebel Open UI customizations
  • Make simple customizations in themes and cascading style sheets
  • Make simple customizations in Open UI desktop applications

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Siebel Open UI Client<
    • Proxy
    • Presentation Model (PM)
    • Physical Renderer (PR)
    • Plug-in Wrappers (PW)
  2. Manifest Administration
    • Manifest Files
    • Expressions
    • Object types and usage
  3. Siebel Open UI JavaScript API
    • Classes
    • Objects
    • Namespaces
    • Functions
  4. Files and directories
    • Siebel Web Templates
    • JavaScript files and controls
    • Images
    • Metadata
    • Runtime data
  5. Debugging
    • Property inspector
    • Debugger flag
    • Log
  6. Styling<
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS files)
    • Themes
    • Styling Rules
  7. Mobile
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Suggested Prerequisite:

  • Siebel Tools Rel 15.5 Ed 2
  • Siebel Tools


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