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kod: OEBS-ELS-R12x-OAPF | wersja: 12.x

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.

Oracle Advanced Pricing provides the flexibility to meet the needs of complex pricing situations for a range of industry business requirements including: consumer goods, telecommunications, services, high technology, automotive, and aerospace/defense businesses that sell to other businesses; and, telemarketing, mail order catalog, and web store businesses that sell directly to consumers.

Learn To:

  • Use multiple currency price lists that enable global pricing
  • Create modifiers to set up price adjustments (for example, discounts and surcharges), benefits (for example, free goods, coupons) and freight and special charges
  • Generate price books that list all orderable products and their prices
  • Set up and use price lists with pricing lines to define item and/or item category prices
  • Define pricing rules and price products or components at any level in either customer or product-based hierarchies


  • Understand how to use price books that list products and their prices for a specific customer
  • Understand how to use attribute management to extend your pricing capabilities
  • Learn how to set up pricing security to control users' access to pricing entities (such as price lists and modifiers) and pricing actions
  • Learn about diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to help you resolve pricing issues
  • Learn fundamentals of Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Understand generic implementation setup
  • Set up price lists and multicurrency price lists
  • Define formulas to calculate the list prices of items and discounts applied to them
  • Create qualifiers and qualifier groups to determine eligibility rules
  • Define modifiers to set up price adjustments (for example, discounts and surcharges), benefits (for example, free goods and coupons), and freight and special charges

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Overview of Advanced Pricing
    • Learning basics about Oracle Advanced Pricing
    • Understanding benefits of Oracle Advanced Pricing
    • Learning about features of Oracle Advanced Pricing
    • Learning about the Oracle Advanced Pricing process
    • Understanding the role of the pricing engine
  2. Generic Implementation Setup
    • Overview of setup steps
    • Understanding Oracle Advanced Pricing concepts
    • Analyzing pricing needs
    • Developing pricing solutions
    • Understanding customer and product hierarchies
    • Establishing pricing controls
  3. Price Lists
    • Overview of price lists
    • Creating price lists and price list lines
    • Using price breaks
    • Setting up multicurrency price lists
    • Creating GSA price lists
    • Creating pricing agreements
    • Setting up bulk loader for price list
  4. Formulas
    • Overview of formulas
    • Understanding component types
    • Creating pricing formulas
    • Using Get Custom Price
    • Setting up profile options for formulas
  5. Qualifiers and Qualifier Groups
    • Creating list and line-level qualifiers for modifiers and price lists
    • Creating qualifier groups
    • Using qualifiers with product or customer hierarchies - Oracle TCA (Trading Community Architecture) Parties
    • Appending qualifier groups
  6. Modifiers
    • Overview of modifiers
    • Setting up modifiers in forms and HTML user interface
    • Identifying types of modifier lists and lines
    • Defining modifier lists and lines
    • Setting up price breaks
    • Using promotional limits with modifiers
  7. Price Books<
    • Overview of price books
    • Understanding full and delta price books
    • Learning price book implementation steps
    • Creating a price book
    • Defining price book publishing options
    • Maintaining price books
    • Republishing price books
  8. Attribute Management
    • Overview of attribute management
    • Defining pricing transaction entities
    • Understanding and using contexts and attributes
    • Linking and mapping attributes
  9. Pricing Security
    • Understanding levels of pricing security
    • How to assign security rules to pricing entities
    • Setting up default security rules
    • Understanding relationship between pricing security and multi-organization access control (MOAC)
  10. Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
    • Using the pricing engine request viewer
    • Understanding the diagnostic concurrent programs
    • Learning about pricing engine messages and diagnosis
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