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kod: CDR220-16 | wersja: 1.6

Participants in this training learn the skills required to implement, use, and maintain the CODAR product. This training is useful for persons responsible for managing Application Development, Deployment and Delivery.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain CODAR software, its components and its functions
  • Configure access control, user roles, permissions, and lifecycle stages
  • Manage resource providers and environments
  • Work with designs and subscriptions
  • Manage application release pipelines
  • Deploy packages using CODAR
  • Use the Application Programming Interface (API) and the Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Manage continuous integration, deployment, and delivery
  • Integrate Docker with CODAR

Audience/Job Roles:

  • This course is designed for System Administrators, Application Developers, Software Release Managers and other personnel responsible for the implementation of CODAR

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Course Overview
    • Introductions
    • Class schedule and class logistics
    • Related courses
    • Documentation
    • Lab environment details
  2. Introducing CODAR
    • Explain the DevOps concept
    • Explain approach to DevOps
    • Describe the CODAR functionality
  3. Configuring Access Control
    • Manage CODAR licenses as Administrator
    • Configure organizations
    • Configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server and required attributes
    • Configure access controls for different organization roles
    • Explore access controls on designs
  4. Working with Resource Providers and Environment
    • Configure and manage resource providers
    • Configure and manage resource environments
    • Assign provider instances to resource environments
  5. Configuring Designs
    • Summarize the difference between Sequential and Topology design
    • Import topology components
    • Configure component properties
    • Create component tags
    • Create a new version for a design
    • Configure a design
    • Manage a design as an application
    • Create design tags
  6. Working with User Roles, Permissions, and Lifecycle Stages
    • Create roles and configure user access
    • Associate roles with an LDAP group
    • Create and customize lifecycle stages
    • Associate roles with lifecycle stages
  7. Application Release Pipeline Management
    • Explain release automation
    • Associate Lifecycles with an application release pipeline
    • Associate environments with an application lifecycle
    • Create gate actions
    • View pending approvals
  8. Deploying Application Packages
    • Create new application packages
    • Deploy application packages
    • Redeploy application packages to existing instances
    • Promote an application package to the next stage
  9. Using API and CLI for CODAR Operations
    • Explain how to use APIs to perform CODAR operations
    • Name the CLI operations for CODAR
    • Execute different CODAR operations using CLI
  10. Continuous Integration and Deployment with Jenkins
    • Use Jenkins and the CI workflow
    • Configure a Jenkins project and CODAR Plugin to support continuous deployment
    • Explore a continuous testing scenario using Jenkins, CODAR, and the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) plugin
    • Explore Infrastructure as a Code (IAAC) feature
  11. Integrating Docker with CODAR
    • Import a Docker topology design
    • Modify a Docker topology design
    • Deploy the PetClinic application using the design
  12. Working with Subscriptions
    • Publish a topology application design
    • Create an offering
    • Set pricing and other parameters for the offering
    • Publish the offering to a catalog
    • Subscribe to the offering as a consumer
  13. Continuous Delivery with CODAR
    • Summarize continuous integration
    • Summarize continuous deployment
    • Summarize how CODAR can help to achieve continuous delivery
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Wymagania wstępne

To be successful in this course, you should have an understanding of your organization’s application development lifecycle.

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Czas trwania 3 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Micro Focus (course completion).


Authorized Micro Focus Trainer.

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