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The iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials training and certification program is aimed at anyone involved in an agile project and who wants to become familiar with working in an agile environment. It provides everyone involved in a project or within an organization with the same understanding of “agile”. It also allows them to use a shared set of terms and terminology. iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials provides an excellent overview of the agile approach and the basic concepts of agile.

The success of an agile project not only depends on the skills and experience of the project team members but it also depends on the understanding and awareness about agility of all involved. This includes the members of the project team and the user group, the management and the stakeholders.

After the course, successful participants will be able to:

  • value the principles behind the agile manifesto and the agile approach to software development
  • appreciate the roles within an agile team
  • understand how to contribute as a member of an agile team
  • apply a testing methodology to ensure that acceptance criteria are met
  • appreciate the importance of effective Iteration Reviews and how to contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives

Target Audience:

The course Certified Agile Essentials is aimed at Software Engineering stakeholders who want to acquire further knowledge about the work in an agile environment or to lay the foundation for agile techniques in their projects:

  • Software Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Testers
  • Project Leaders
  • Project and Program Managers
  • IT Directors

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Agile Roles
  2. Release Planning und Iteration Zero
  3. Iteration Planning und Estimation
  4. Requirements Review, Daily Stand-up
  5. Team Quality, Iteration Testing und Acceptance Criteria
  6. Iteration Review (Showcase)
  7. Retrospectives
  8. Lessons learned of Agile Principles Retrospectives
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Wymagania wstępne

The training provides basic knowledge of agility. You should have gained some experience in IT projects, as this is helpful for a better understanding concerning the practical exercises.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 2 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by iSQI.

This course prepares you for iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials certification exam which is an integral part of the course. Successful completion of the training course, as well as passing the exam, are required to attain the iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials certification.


iSQI® Certified Trainer.

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