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This course provides foundational concepts for using the Terraform “infrastructure as code” DevOps tool, and introduces workflows for managing a large infrastructure effectively and safely with Terraform. The course covers key concepts, including how to automate the management of infrastructure, through a series of hands-on labs using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The course also introduces the building blocks for successfully implementing Terraform workflows across a large enterprise. HPE’s expertise, end-to-end delivery experience, and leadership in technical education solutions will help ensure your success in developing enterprise-grade Terraform deployments.

Course objectives

  • Understand the functionality and capabilities of the Terraform "infrastructure as code" tool
  • Write Terraform scripts to provision virtual infrastructure using Amazon Web Services, starting with a basic virtual machine and gradually adding complexity
  • Implement advanced Terraform configuration techniques that leverage modules, plugins, provisioners, and backends
  • Learn recommended workflows for using Terraform effectively
  • Learn how to collaborate effectively with a team that uses Terraform
  • Learn how Terraform can scale across an organization


The audience for this course includes system administrators, infrastructure engineers, application developers, cloud engineers and anyone else wanting to get a basic understanding of implementing and using Terraform to manage public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure and services.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • Introduction to Terraform
    • What is ‘infrastructure as code’?
    • Basic Terraform use
    • Practical Terraform use
  • Advanced Terraform Concepts
    • Writing reusable modules
    • Terraform in multi-cloud environments
    • Partial state recovery
    • Resource lifecycle management
    • Collaborating on infrastructure changes
  • Terraform Enterprise Best Practices
    • Achieving DevOps maturity
    • Terraform Enterprise architecture and design
    • Creating workflows with workspaces in Terraform Enterprise
    • Integrating Terraform Enterprise with version control systems
    • Continuous provisioning workflows
    • Collaborating with Terraform Enterprise
    • Compliance and governance with Terraform Enterprise
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Czas trwania 3 dni

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