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This Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration training will explore general cluster concepts and Oracle Clusterware architecture. Work with expert Oracle University instructors through interactive instruction and hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning.

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  1. Introduction to Grid Infrastructure
    • What is a Cluster?
    • What is a Flex Cluster?
    • Clusterware Characteristics
    • Oracle Clusterware
    • Hardware and Software Concepts (High level)
    • Shared Storage Overview
  2. Oracle Clusterware Architecture
    • Cluster Storage Requirements
    • Clusterware Initialization and OHASD
    • Clusterware Process Architecture
    • Location Independent Names, Addresses and Name Resolution (GNS, SCAN, VIP..)
    • Shared GNS Background and Architecture
    • Configuring shared GNS
    • Migrating to shared GNS
    • Moving GNS to Another Cluster
  3. Flex Cluster Architecture
    • lex Cluster Architecture
    • Configuring Flex Cluster
    • Flex Clusters and Node Failure
  4. Grid Infrastructure Pre-Installation Tasks
    • Shared Storage for Oracle Clusterware
    • Checking System Requirements
    • Single Client Access Name for the Cluster
    • Redundant Interconnect Usage
    • Kernel Requirements
    • Groups and Users
    • Shell Settings
    • Oracle Validated Configuration
  5. Installing Grid Infrastructure
    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    • Installing Flex Cluster
    • Verifying the Oracle Clusterware Installation
  6. Managing Cluster Nodes
    • Adding Oracle Clusterware Homes
    • Prerequisites for Running
    • Adding a Node with
    • Configuring the node role
    • Removing a Node from the Cluster
  7. Traditional Clusterware Management
    • Oracle Clusterware startup and shutdown
    • Administering the Voting Disk file
    • Administering the Oracle Cluster Registry Disk file
    • Network Administration
    • What-If Command Evaluation
    • Clusterware Admin Tools Review
  8. Policy-Based Cluster Management
    • Policy-Based Cluster Management Overview
    • Server Categorization
    • Policy Set
  9. Patching Grid Infrastructure
    • Out-of-Place Oracle Clusterware Upgrade
    • Types of Patches
    • Obtaining Oracle Clusterware Patches
    • Rolling Patches
    • Installing a Rolling Patchset with OUI
    • OPatch Overview
    • Installing a Rolling Patch with OPatch
    • OPatch Automation
  10. Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
    • Diagnostic Framework Support for CRS
    • Cluster Health Monitor Enhancements Overview
    • Component level checks - cluvfy with -comp
    • Resource Debugging - Java Tools and Dynamic Debugging
    • Troubleshooting Node Evictions
    • Log files and Diagnostic Collection
  11. Making Applications Highly Available
    • Overview of Using Oracle Clusterware to Enable HA
    • Oracle Clusterware HA Components
    • Resource Management Options
    • Server Pools
    • Overall flow diagram of HA lifecycle (crs_profile, crs_register, crs_start....)
    • Clusterware Resource Modeling
    • Creating an Application VIP
    • ONS and FAN overviews
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Wymagane prerekwizyty:

  • Working knowledge of Oracle Database 11g: Release 2, including Clusterware, ASM and RAC
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