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In this Oracle Database 12c: Introduction for Experienced SQL Users training, you learn about Oracle Database 12c, the database environment and the Oracle SQL Developer tool. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to create and manage tables, synonyms, sequences, indexes and views.

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  1. Course Overview
    • Course Objectives, Course Agenda and Class Account Information
    • Describe the Human Resources (HR) Schema
    • Identify the Appendices Used in this Course
  2. Understanding the Oracle Database Environment
    • Understanding the Oracle Database Environment
    • Understanding the Oracle Instance
    • Processing a SQL Statement
    • Understanding Data Flow During SQL Statement Processing
    • Understanding Read Consistency
  3. Using SQL Developer
    • SQL Developer
  4. Getting Started with Oracle SQL
    • Basic SQL statements
    • How Oracle SQL treats NULLs
    • Using Pseudocolumns
    • Using Operators, Expressions and Functions
    • Understanding Data Types and Date Format
  5. Combining Tables by Using Advanced Queries
    • Subqueries
    • Update and delete rows by using correlated subqueries
    • Perform joins in Oracle SQL
    • Create a tree-structured report
    • Exclude branches from the tree structure
  6. Creating and Managing Tables
    • Create and maintain integrity constraints
    • Use the data dictionary to view and maintain information about tables
  7. Creating and Managing Other Oracle Database Objects
    • Create and maintain indexes
    • Create and maintain a view
    • Create, maintain, and use sequences
    • Create private and public synonyms
  8. Oracle Database Extensions to DML and DDL Statements
    • Describe the features of multitable INSERT statements
    • Merge rows by using the MERGE statement
    • Create and use external tables
    • Describe transaction processing
  9. Controlling User Access
    • Discuss the concepts of users, roles, and privileges
    • Create users
    • Create roles
    • Grant and revoke object privileges
    • Create and access database links
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Wymagane prerekwizyty:

  • Experience with SQL
  • SQL Developer

Sugerowane prerekwizyty:

  • Oracle Database: SQL Workshop I
  • Oracle Database: SQL Workshop II
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