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The Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL New Features training introduces you to the new features available in Oracle Database 12c. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore the latest features available in SQL language and feature enhancements in PL/SQL, data types, language performance and data warehousing.

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  1. Course Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Agenda
    • Schemes used in this course
    • Classroom account information
    • Overview of SQL Developer 4.0
    • Review the Oracle Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL documentation and additional resources
  2. SQL Language Enhancements
    • SQL Row Limiting Clause
    • Invisible and Hidden Columns
    • Enhanced DDL capabilities using ONLINE keyword
    • Additional features in SQL Language
  3. Data Types Enhancements
    • Increased Length Limits of Data Types
    • Using SQL IDENTITY Column
    • SQL Column enhancements
    • ANYDATA type Enhancements
    • GATEWAY Enhancements
  4. PL/SQL Enhancements
    • What is a White List?
    • Understanding Invoker's right and Definer's right
    • Granting Roles to PL/SQL packages and standalone stored subprograms
    • PL/SQL functions that run faster in SQL
    • Additional PL/SQL Enhancements
  5. Data Warehousing Enhancements
    • Multi partition maintenance operations
    • Review of partitioned indexes
    • SQL for Pattern Matching
    • Overview of Synchronous Materialized View Refresh
    • Improving Query Performance Against OLAP Cubes
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Dodatkowe informacje

  • Knowledge of Oracle Database
  • Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • Basic programming concepts such as IF-THEN statements, loops, procedures, and functions.
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