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This course is based on the F5 Technical Boot Camp provided to newly hired F5 Sales Engineers. The original course spans seven days of instruction, covers several F5 BIG-IP modules, and provides students with presentation skills training. The partner edition provides reduced coverage of modules and omits presentation skills training, while including greater emphasis on Synthesis messaging and whiteboarding practice. Furthermore, the partner edition is designed for modular customization to accommodate a variety of training needs among global theatres.

Program Objectives

  • Build the F5 technical competency of Unity partner pre-sales system engineers.
  • Provide Unity partner pre-sales engineers with hands on experience relevant to their job tasks and F5 certification exam preparation.
  • Provide Unity partner pre-sales engineers with an opportunity to discuss F5 solution value proposition as it relates to their customers and business.

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  1. Synthesis Messaging
    • Discuss F5 Synthesis messaging
    • Correlate Synthesis messaging to the functionality of BIG-IP modules
  2. Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
    • Discuss learnings from the LTM Fundamentals
    • Describe the value of local traffic management
    • List the advantages of using Device Service Clustering for high-availability
    • Identify and describe the two types of device groups
    • Configure device groups
    • Describe how traffic groups work in BIG-IP LTM
    • Configure traffic groups
  3. Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
    • Compare hosted, in-house, and split DNS deployments
    • Discuss the limitations of standard DNS
    • Describe delegation mode as a DNS deployment option
    • Describe how F5 DNSSEC provides DNS security
    • Discuss how DNS Express works
    • Discuss how DNS listeners process DNS traffic
    • Describe the value of global server load balancing (GSLB)
    • Provision and configure GTM
    • Create GTM servers, virtual servers, and pools
    • Create and test a GTM wide IP
  4. BIG-IP LTM Architecture and Design
    • Describe the BIG-IP full proxy architecture
    • Describe how virtual server and SNAT listeners process traffic through BIG-IP
    • Design BIG-IP virtual servers and SNATs to solve customer scenarios
  5. Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM)
    • Describe the value of AFM
    • Position AFM as an inbound firewall
    • Identify common obstacles for selling AFM
    • Configure network firewall logging
    • Configure AFM
    • Create rules and rule lists
    • Describe how AFM provides DoS protection
    • Configure DoS protection
    • Configure DoS reporting
  6. Application Security Manager (ASM)
    • Discuss the value of ASM
    • Identify common security vulnerabilities of web applications
    • Verify website vulnerabilities using ASM
    • Describe how the protocol, request, data, and response elements of ASM secure web applications
    • Discuss the value of using a Rapid Deployment security policy
    • Create a security policy using Rapid Deployment
    • Configure a security policy to learn about file types
    • Modify settings for a security policy
    • View a PCI Compliance Report
  7. Access Policy Manager (APM)
    • Describe the value of APM
    • Discuss how APM limits access to network resources
    • Describe how APM licensing works
    • Identify and describe APM’s network access features
    • Configure network access
    • Use Visual Policy Editor to manage access policies
    • Create Webtops and resources
    • Describe how APM performs authentication, authorization, and endpoint checking
  8. Communicating the Solution
    • Incorporate Synthesis messaging into a new customer whiteboard presentation
    • Describe F5’s approach to securing networks and application delivery
    • Position F5 solutions in the competitive landscape
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To ensure that participants get the most out of boot camp, we require that they complete the following training and accreditation before attending.

  • F5 Technical Sales Accreditation
  • LTM Fundamentals (5-day online course)
  • Preparatory BIG-IP system image configuration exercise (2-hour exercise)
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