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kod: SDCA-SC

Develop an in-depth working knowledge of configuring and managing Infoblox network appliances Establish a basic working knowledge of how to configure and manage Infoblox as a perquisite to implementing infoblox Secure DNS products. Learn how to configure and manage the DNS protocol, including: forward and reverse mapping DNS zones and DNS views. Implement advanced DNS security-related features in Infoblox, including, Dynamic DNS with TSIG and GSS-TSIG, DNSSEC zone signing and validation, and DNS Anycast. Build a baseline working knowledge how to configure and manage Infoblox on premise Secure DNS products, including, DNS Firewall with ActiveTrust, TIDE and Dossier; Threat Insight and Advanced DNS Protection.

Target Audience

This is a comprehensive course for team members responsible for implementation, administration, operations, or maintenance of the Infoblox Secure DNS products.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Day 1
    • Grid Set-up & Admin
    • The Infoblox Grid
    • Setting up the Grid
    • Managing Grid Members
    • High Availability
    • Reporting
    • Infoblox Admin Overview
  2. Day 2
    • Infoblox Admin Overview (cont.)
    • DNS Overview
    • DNS Service
    • DNS Zones
    • DNS Resource Records
    • DNS Troubleshooting
    • DNS Anycast
  3. Day 3
    • DNSSEC
    • Active Trust Intro
    • Working with RPZ Lists & Feeds
    • DNS Security Issues
    • Security Reports
    • Compromised Hosts
    • Configuring TIDE
    • Research with Dossier
  4. Day 4
    • Threat Insight Overview
    • Configure Threat Insight Analytics
    • Custom Whitelists
    • Review Security
    • Reports/Dashboards
    • Review New Threat RPZ Entries
  5. Day 5
    • ADP Introduction
    • ADP Architecture
    • Configure ADP
    • Understanding Attacks
    • Attack Simulation
    • Rate Limiting
    • Blocking Mode
    • More Built-in Protections
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Attendees should have a basic understanding of DNS. Users who have attended Infoblox Core DDI configuration training can choose to attend Day 3-5 only.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 5 dni

Exam is passed online via web page.

Secure DNS Configuration & Administration accreditation exam (on-line, open-book)


Authorized Infoblox Trainer.

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