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Students will be introduced to Network Management and Visibility using the Extreme Networks Management tool, Extreme Management Center, for managing network devices. Using the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Network Management Model (NMM), students have these concepts reinforced with a hands-on lab experience working with a pre-configured network. Students will perform real world tasks around the areas of configuration, fault, performance, accounting, and security management functions.

Who Should Attend:

  • Network Managers, Architects, and Systems Integrators.


  • Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to successfully configure and manage their wired and wireless network environment as well as take the Extreme Management Center Specialist certification exam in order to achieve the ECS-EMC certification.

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  1. Configuration Management:
    • Use Extreme Management Center Maps, Device View and Portview to help identity each device and its connections and components, such as software, image and bootrom version. In addition, students will also collect configurations, tracking configuration changes and the restoration of configurations as a result of hardware replacement or failures using Extreme Management Center.
  2. Fault Management:
    • Use SNMP traps, and Alarms configuration to help detect, identify and log log faults, and notify users of issues on the network to avoid unnecessary downtime or network degradation and lose of data.
  3. Performance Management:
    • Identify and monitor the network, i.e. throughput, utilization, error rates or network heath using the Extreme Management Center Alarms based on Threshold rates. This subject will also touch on the use of Quality of Service (QoS), and Class of Service (CoS) as means of controlling traffic.
  4. Accounting Management:
    • An overview of how to gather usage statistics of end-systems and end-users on the network which will allow for identification of current usage, trends, and behavior on the network in order to optimize the network using Extreme Access Control, Wireless Reporting and Extreme Analytics. Based on this information, access privileges and CoS can be established and enforced using a combination of Policy, Extreme Access Control.
  5. Security Management:
    • An overview and discussion of the tools that can be used to control authorization and access to assets in the network and to protect sensitive data, including performing actual application identification on the network and mapping these applications. Students will examine how Extreme Access Control can identify an end-system on the network to help with the mapping of the Policy Role in conjunction with authentication of the device on the network.
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Students should possess an understanding of network fundamentals, and general network management concepts, as well as network security concepts and technologies. In addition, Extreme Networks recommends the following course prior to enrolling in the Extreme Management Center Boot Camp course: Extreme Switching and Routing Boot Camp and/or Extreme Wireless.

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The participants will obtain certificates signed by Extreme Networks.

This course prepares also for the Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS) certification exam which is the designation demonstrates an achieved working knowledge of a specific technology and is the first step on the path to achieving either Expert or Architect level certifications. The Extreme Certified Specialist Certification comes in three different tracks: Wired, Wireless, and Management.

More information about Extreme Networks certification program and available certification levels you can find on the


Authorized Extreme Networks Trainer.

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For Managers:

Extreme Management Center Boot Camp is targeted for users that have a strong background in networking as well as existing experience with Extreme Networks’ products, and now require a more detailed level of knowledge of operation and management of their environment using the Extreme Management Center application.

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