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Training goals

This course teaches students how to design and implement Novell eDirectory (version 8.8) trees and related components in any type of organization for different types of organizational goals using different types of network operating systems. Students perform eDirectory design and implementation tasks on the following platforms: Novell Open Enterprise Server - Netware (SP1), Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux (SP1), and Windows® Server 2003. Students will work in a real-world scenario to design and implement a new tree to meet the needs of a fictional organization, EduTrain. Students will also be introduced to design considerations and guidelines pertaining to identity vault trees and LDAP authentication trees.

Conspect Show list

  1. Identify the eDirectory Design Process
  2. Identify the Major Phases of the eDirectory Design Cycle
  3. Perform A needs Analysis
  4. Design and Implement an eDirectory Tree Structure
  5. Identify Fundamental Directory Design Factors
  6. Create an eDirectory Naming Standards Document
  7. Design the Upper Layers of the eDirectory Tree
  8. Design the Lower Layers of the eDirectory Tree
  9. Plan the User Environment
  10. Create a User Accessibility Needs Document
  11. Create an Accessibility Guidelines Document
  12. Create an Administrative Strategies Document
  13. Determine a Partition and Replica Strategy
  14. Understand eDirectory Partitioning and Replication
  15. Plan, Design and Implement a Partition and Replica Strategy
  16. Determine a WAN Traffic Manager Strategy for Your Tree
  17. Design eDirectory Network Services Strategies
  18. Design and Implement an eDirectory DNS/DHCP Strategy
  19. Design and Implement an SLP Strategy
  20. Design and Implement a Time Synchronization Strategy
  21. Design and Implement an eDirectory Print Services Strategy
  22. Validate Your eDirectory Design and Merge Two Directory Trees
  23. Evaluate Your eDirectory Design
  24. Merge Two Directory Trees
  25. Plan, Design and Implement an eDirectory Tree for E-Business
  26. Explain Why eDirectory Design Is Important to the Success of You''re E-Business
  27. Complete a Needs Analysis
  28. Implement the Network Infrastructure
  29. Create a User Accessibility Needs Strategy for E-Business
  30. Implement the eDirectory Tree Structure
  31. Implement a Partition and Replica Strategy for Your eDirectory Tree
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Additional information

Before attending this course students should have an understanding or equivalent experience of the following: Students attending this course should have a basic knowledge of the following eDirectory concepts and components:
  • eDirectory tree structure and object classes
  • Partitioning and replication
  • eDirectory rights and inheritance
  • eDirectory management tools (ConsoleOne, iMonitor, iManager)
Students should also be familiar with and have experience working with network operating systems (NetWare 6 or later, Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003; Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9). This course is part of the CNE and CNI certification path.
Difficulty level
Duration 5 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Novell.


Authorized Novell Trainer

Additional informations
This course prepares you to take the Novell eDirectory Design & Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 exam (050-695) for the NetWare 6 Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification and the Novell Open Enterprise Server for Netware CNE certification. For exam objectives and registration, see Novell eDirectory Design & Implementation: eDirectory 8.8. For CNE certification information, see Certified Novell Engineer. NOTE: The CNA certification is a pre-requisite for the CNE certification (see Certified Novell Administrator).
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