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Python is an interpreted language; Python source code is translate into portable byte code. This concept in combination with other design principles of Python makes many of advantages as compared to other languages possible. As a drawback the execution speed may be considerably slower for certain kinds of applications than with compiled languages. Optimization can often increase performance of Python programs substantially.

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  1. Guidelines for optimization.
    • Optimization strategies - Pystone benchmarking concept, CPU usage profiling with cProfile, memory measuring with Guppy_PE Framework. Participants are encouraged to bring their own programs for profiling to the course.
  2. Algorithms and anti-patterns
    • Examples of algorithms that are especially slow or fast in Python.
  3. The right data structure
    • Comparation of built-in data structures: lists, sets, deque and defaulddict.
    • Big-O notation will be exemplified.
  4. Caching
    • Deterministic and non-deterministic look on caching.
    • Developing decorates for caching purposes.
  5. The example - we will use a computionally demanding example and implement it first in pure Python. Then we look at some algorithmic improvements to speed up the computation.
  6. Testing speed - solution to measuring how fast a program really run in Python.
  7. Psyco - 'just-in-time-complier' (JIT), allowing to translate parts of the byte code to machine code. Example are used to show different possibilities of using Psyco.
  8. Numerical calculations with Numpy - basic possibilities of NumPy covered.
  9. Using multiple CPUS with Pyprocessing/multiprocessing.
  10. Combination of optimization strategies.
  11. Overview of extensions to Python with other languages.
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Additional information

  • Basic knowledge of Python language.
Difficulty level
Duration 1 day

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Python Academy.


Authorized Python Academy Trainer.

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