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Python provides support for all common and many less know operating systems. Python programs run without or with minimal changes on different systems due to the largely platform independent standard library.

But Python can also take advantage of special features of the operating system windows such as the Component Object Model (COM). The COM allows automating applications independent from the programming language as long as it has an interface to COM. All Microsoft Office and many applications by other vendors provide COM interfaces.


The training have modular form, it takes half a day and can be combined with other training offerings by Python Academy.

Conspect Show list

  1. COM clients with Python
    • Demonstration of writing COM clients with Microsoft Excel.
    • Reading and writing data to excel files, as well as formatting of tables.
    • The participants are encouraged to bring own data and requirements for their manipulation to the course.
  2. COM server with Python
    • Developing a COM server, offering the functionality of an example program to be used from other programming languages.
  3. System administration under Windows
    • Work with Windows services.
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Additional information

  • Probably basics of Python language.
Difficulty level

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Python Academy.


Authorized Python Academy Trainer.

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