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WxPython ( is an open source gui toolkit that si based on the c++ library wxwidgets ( WxPython is platform independent and provides native looking guis on windows, linux and mac. It contains all modern gui widgets and therefore provides a solid foundation for professional guis.

The course provides an overview of wxPython features. Important concepts are introduced with examples. The participants write their own simple guis in the course.


The training have modular form, it takes half a day and can be combined with other training offerings by Python Academy.

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  1. First example

    We introduced a short example step-by step and implement a gui for a small calculation program. We look at the underlying principles.

  2. Pycrust

    Developing with a toolkit of the size of wxpython can quickly become a complex task. It can be tricky to find out why things happen the way they do. Pycrust is an ide that comes with wxpython and can really simplify working with wxpython. We look at this ide and modify our example program in such a way that we can run it from pycrust's interactive prompt.

  3. Waiting - simple display

    It is useful to show the user a progress status for longer running tasks. We implement a simple progress report feature.

  4. Menus

    Menus certainly belong to the most important types of widgets. Therefore, we add a menu to our program with all essential features such as sub menus, check-box menus, icons in menus, and keystroke binding. In addition we add a context menu.

  5. The status bar

    The status bar is an important widget for conveying program status to the user. We look at possibilities for status bars with different levels of complexity and try them out.

  6. Progress bar

    We use a progress bar to show how much of the calculation in our sample program has been done. We use python's yield to implement this without threads.

  7. Dialogs

    Dialogs are important for interactive applications. We look at the option wxpython offers for dialogs and implement different file choosing dialogs.

  8. Grid widget

    The widget to display tabular data is the most comprehensive in wxpython. We modify our application and display our calculation results in a table. The exercises help to discover the possibility of this widget.

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Difficulty level
Duration 1 day

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Python Academy.


Authorized Python Academy Trainer.

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