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IronPython is the .NET implementation of Python by Microsoft. IronPython is a full-featured .NET language. Basically, everything that can be done with C# or Visual Basic can be done with IronPython. The course provides an overview of IronPython features detailing some of them.


The training have modular form, it takes half a day and can be combined with other training offerings by Python Academy.

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  1. Overview
    • Possibilities of .NET world for Python programmers
  2. Terms and Versions
    • Presentation of several terms and acronyms around .NET and IronPython that are important to understand the course content.
  3. Setup of a working environment
    • Use of Python's standard library from IronPython - setting up the necessary configurations.
  4. Use of .NET-objects in IronPython
  5. Graphical user interfaces with IronPython and Windows Forms
    • Introduction to technology
    • Developing an easy program.
  6. Graphical user interfaces with IronPython and The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
    • Work with XAML - the XML description of WPF GUIs and combining this with IronPython code to implement event handlers.
  7. Silverlight - Microsoft's new technology for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
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The participants will obtain certificates signed by Python Academy.


Authorized Python Academy Trainer.

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