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This 5-day instructor-led course describes how to empower information workers through self-service analytics and reporting. Students will learn how to implement PowerPivot and tabular data models, create and deliver rich data visualizations with Power View and SQL Server Reporting Services, and discover business insights by using data mining.

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  1. Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling
    • Introduction to Business Intelligence
    • The Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform
  2. Module 2: Implementing Reports with Reporting Services
    • Introduction to Reporting Services
    • Creating a Report with Report Designer
    • Grouping and Aggregating Data in a Report
    • Showing Data Graphically
    • Filtering Reports Using Parameters
  3. Module 3: Supporting Self-Service Reporting
    • Introduction to Report Builder
    • Creating Reusable Report Items
  4. Module 4: Managing a Reporting Infrastructure
    • Managing Security
    • Managing Report Execution
    • Delivering Reports with Subscriptions
    • Troubleshooting Reporting Services
  5. Module 5: Creating Multidimensional Databases
    • Introduction to Multidimensional Analysis
    • Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views
    • Creating a Cube
    • Overview of Cube Security
  6. Module 6: Working with Cubes and Dimensions
    • Configuring Dimensions
    • Defining Attribute Hierarchies
    • Sorting and Grouping Attributes
  7. Module 7: Working with Measures and Measure Groups
    • Working With Measures
    • Working with Measure Groups
  8. Module 8: Introduction to MDX
    • MDX Fundamentals
    • Adding Calculations to a Cube
    • Using MDX To Query a Cube
  9. Module 9: Customizing Cube Functionality
    • Implementing Key Performance Indicators
    • Implementing Actions
    • Implementing Perspectives
    • Implementing Translations
  10. Module 10: Implementing a Tabular Data Model by Using Microsoft PowerPivot
    • Introduction to Tabular Data Models and PowerPivot Technologies
    • Creating a Tabular Data Model by Using PowerPivot for Excel
    • Sharing a PowerPivot Workbook and Using PowerPivot Gallery
  11. Module 11: Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
    • DAX Fundamentals
    • Using DAX to Create Calculated Columns and Measures in a Tabular Data Model
  12. Module 12: Implementing an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model
    • Introduction to Analysis Services Tabular Data Model Projects
    • Implementing an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model in Business Intelligence Development Studio
  13. Module 13: Creating Data Visualizations With Power View
    • Introduction to Power View
    • Visualizing Data with Power View
  14. Module 14: Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining
    • Overview of Data Mining
    • Using the Data Mining Add-In for Excel
    • Creating a Custom Data Mining Solution
    • Validating a Data Mining Model
    • Connecting to a and Consuming a Data-Mining Model
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In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should have technical knowledge equivalent to the following course:

Difficulty level
Duration 5 days

The participants will obtain Microsoft certificates.


Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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