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This course is designed to help experienced Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Administrators learn how to perform advanced imaging tasks using the ZCM Imaging feature (particularly the Imaging Distribution file).

These tasks include the following:

  • Modifying the PXE-Based ZCM Imaging Distro to Meet Your Organization’s Needs
  • Modifying the CD-Based Imaging Distro
  • Modifying the USB-Based ZCM Imaging Distro

This course is designed for students who have significant experience using ZENworks Configuration Management. These include:

  • Novell software system administrators
  • ZENworks Configuration Management administrators
  • Reseller and partner technical support staff
  • Networking consultants

Conspect Show list

  1. Modify the PXE-based ZCM Imaging Distro to Meet Your Organization’s Needs
    • Describe ZENworks Imaging Components
    • Describe ZENworks Imaging Process When PXE Booting
    • Modify the PXE Menu System
    • Modify Imaging Distro’s File Systems
    • Add Hardware IDs to Imaging Distro
    • Exercise 1-1: Prepare Your Lab Environment (Optional)
    • Exercise 1-2: Modify the PXE Menu to Update the BIOS of PXE-booted Machines Using a DOS PBI
    • Exercise 1-3: Modify the PXE Menu to Update BIOS of PXE-booted Machines using a Modified WinPE Boot Image
    • Exercise 1-4: Modify the Initial RAM Drive to Launch Scripts From the PXE Menu
    • Exercise 1-5: Add a New Hardware ID to the ZENworks Imaging Distro
    • Exercise 1-6: Use the ZCM PXE Environment to Boot Other Linux-Based Distributions
  2. Modify the CD-Based Imaging Distro
    • Describe “Disconnected Imaging”
    • Describe the ZCM Imaging CD Boot Process
    • Customize the ZCM Imaging Distro
    • Exercise 2-1: Create a Bootable Linux Restore CD
    • Exercise 2-2: Use driverupdate to Add Content to the CD-based Imaging Distro
  3. Modify the USB-Based ZCM Imaging Distro
    • Understand ZCM 11 SP3 USB Support
    • Use the ZENUsbcreator Utility
    • Create a Custom USB Thumb Drive for ZCM Imaging
    • Exercise 3-1: Use the ZENUsbcreator Utility
    • Exercise 3-2: Modify the ZCM USB-based Imaging Distro
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Additional information


We recommend that you have a basic understand of networks and networking before taking this course, some familiarity with using a terminal session (and basic commands) for a SLES server, significant experience performing basic ZCM tasks and imaging with the ZCM imaging feature.

Difficulty level
Duration 3 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Novell.


Certified Novell Instructor (CNI).

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