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Training goals dlearning

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to Implement and support a network comprised of Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniSwitch 6900, 6860, 6850E, 9000E and 10K Series of switches in a Core Network environment.

Conspect Show list

  1. Implementing Redundant Networks:
    • OmniSwitch “Chassis” solution description
    • Redundancy Using Spanning Tree
    • Dual-home link
    • Virtual Router Redundancy
    • Server Load Balancing
    • Multi-chassis LAG
  2. OSPF Implementation
  3. Global Routing Protocols Redistribution
  4. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  5. Multicast Routing
    • Multicast Routing introduction
    • Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
    • Protocol Independent Multicast (PIMSM & PIMDM)
  6. Border Gateway Protocol
  7. Virtual Routing and Forwarding
  8. Consistent AOS Network Security
    • LPS
    • Policy based routing
    • Advanced ACL Groups
    • BPDU Guard
    • DOS Protection
    • ARP poisoning
    • Traffic Anomaly Detection
    • DHCP snooping and option 82
    • Port Mapping
    • Storm Control
    • Access Guardian Host Integrity Check
    • OmniVista Security Applications Introduction
  9. Web Cache Control Protocol
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Additional information

  • To have attended the on-line course DT00WTE909: OmniSwitch Series
  • To have attended the course DT00CTE915: OmniSwitch access Switching
  • To have an understanding of LAN concepts (IP, Ethernet, switching and routing, VLAN, QOS, Spanning tree).
Difficulty level
Duration 3 days

The participant will obtain certificates signed by Alcatel Lucent.


ACFE Instructor - Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert Instructor.

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