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Training goals

code: HCIA-LTE

Such training aims to provide guidance to participants in learning contents related to the HCIA for LTE specialization H31-411-ENU exam and basic knowledge of Long Term Evolution (LTE)/Evolved Packet Core(EPC) networks and device maintenance.

With HCIA-LTE certification, you demonstrate a good grasp of the LTE/EPC network structure, the functions of all network elements, the basic principle of the LTE air interface, the business process of the EPC network, and basic concepts about QoS.

After the completion of this program, participants will be able to understand:

  • Outline principle of LTE
  • Describe the procedure of eNodeB Field Maintenance
  • Use M2000/U2000 to do the commissioning and operation 
  • Operate eNodeB initial configuration and reconfiguration
  • Describe and analys the trouble of site, fimiliar with eNodeB site solution Duration

Target Audience:

This training program is intended for those who are to take the Huawei Certified Network Associate - LTE certification exam and those who hope to learn about basic LTE/SAE principles and Huawei LTE equipment.

Conspect Show list

  1. LTE System Overview
    • Network Architecture
    • Evolution of Cellular Networks
    • 3GPP Releases
    • E-UTRAN Architecture
    • E-UTRAN Interfaces and Protocols
    • EPC Architecture
    • EPC Interfaces and Protocols
    • LTE Air Interface Principles
    • Radio Interface Techniques
    • Principles of OFDM
    • LTE Channel Structures
    • LTE Frame Structure
    • Downlink OFDMA
    • Uplink SC-FDMA
    • Multiple Input Multiple Output
    • Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
    • eNodeB Product Overview
    • The Huawei eNodeB family
    • Products and application scenarios
    • Operation and Maintenance
  2. eNodeB LTE Product Description
    • eNodeB System Overview
    • eNodeB System Structure
    • eNodeB Auxiliary Devices
    • eNodeB Typical Networking
  3. eNodeB LTE Field Maintenance
    • Local Operation and Maintenance Introduction
    • check the status of board by LEDs
    • Routine Operation and Maintenance
    • Replacing boards and optical module of eNodeB
    • Routine Maintenance items for eNodeB
    • Practice
  4. eNodeB LTE Equipment Commissioning
    • eNodeB Commissioning Overview
    • eNodeB Remote Commissioning on the M2000
  5. LTE eRAN Automatic OMCH Establishment
    • Automatic OMCH establishment phase during base station deployment by PnP
    • DHCP introduction
    • Schemes for Obtaining VLAN Information
    • Procedure for Obtaining Configuration Information in different Scenarios
  6. eNodeB LTE Operation
    • Structure of operation and maintenance system
    • Login eNodeB O&M system
    • eNodeB equipment management
    • eNodeB transport management
    • eNodeB Radio Management
    • eNodeB clock management
    • eNodeB inventory and report management
    • Software Management
  7. eNodeB LTE Data Introduction for Initial Configuration
    • eNodeB Data Configuration Introduction
    • Common Data Parameters Introduction
    • Data Preparation in Specific Scenarios
  8. eNodeB LTE Initial Configuration by MML Practice Guide
    • Practice on
    • eNodeB data configuration preparation
    • MML for common data
    • MML for device data
    • MML for transmission data
    • MML for radio data
    • MML for specific scenario
  9. eNodeB Initial Configuration by CME
    • eNodeB Data Configuration by CME Introduction
    • Preparing eNodeB Data
    • Creating eNodeB Data
    • Adjusting eNodeB Data
    • Checking eNodeB Data
    • Exporting eNodeB Data
  10. eNodeB Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting Overview
    • Troubleshooting Cell Unavailable Faults
    • Troubleshooting IP Transmission Faults
    • Troubleshooting Application Layer Faults
    • Troubleshooting Synchronization Faults
    • Troubleshooting Transmission Security Faults
    • Troubleshooting RF Unit Faults
    • Troubleshooting License Faults
  11. eNodeB LTE TOP Alarm Handling
    • Alarm Overview
    • Top Aalrm
  12. eNodeB LTE Site Solution
    • Huawei LTE Product Introduction
    • Typical Out Door Site Coverage Solution
    • Typical In Door Site Coverage Solution
    • High-Speed Railway and Road Coverage Solution
    • FDD+TDD Site Solution
    • Easy Marco Site Solution
    • Tower Solution
    • Related Cable Solution
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Additional information


A general knowledge in cellular systems and radio technology.

Difficulty level
Duration 10 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Huawei.

This course prepares you for the HCIA Huawei Certified ICT Associate - LTE (H31-411 exam). HCIA certification exams are offered worldwide through the Pearson VUE test centers. More information about Huawei certification program and available specializations you can find on the!createNavi?navId=_31&lang=en


Huawei Certified Trainer.

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