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Training goals

code: ELI-NFVT

This course introduces the NFV technical knowledge, including NFV Basis, NFV Network Design, OpenStack Introduction, Vmware Basis, Back-end development language basis

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand NFV basics overview and value
  • Understand the NFV network technology trends, key capabilities and solutions
  • Understand the NFV network planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the key points
  • Understand the ToC data center overall architecture design and network design related computing resources, storage resources and network resource design
  • Understand cloud computing foundation and trends
  • Understand the origin and framework of OpenStack. Understand OpenStack in Nova, Swift, Keystone, Neutron, Glance, Cinder, Ceilometer, Heat and other components of the architectural principles
  • Understand the advantages of server virtualization and the realization of the way
  • Understand the VMware components such as ESXi, vCenter Server, VMware vMotion and Storage vMotion and other components of the characteristics
  • Understand VMware virtual machine and management, VMware availability and scalability
  • Understand the network and security commonly used in some IP routing, IPv6, VLAN, firewall, QoS, NAT and other common technologies
  • Understand the principle of micro service, micro service support framework and design
  • Understand the development of open source agreement GPL and open source and closed source difference. Understand a variety of open source monitoring software, open source distributed storage, open source automation management software, open source technology, Internet architecture selection, open source distributed database cache product introduction and selection
  • Understand the development process of Docker and the essence of container technology analysis
  • Understand the storage RAID, SAN, NAS, backup disaster recovery technology and storage advanced technology applications
  • Understand the storage deployment and operation and maintenance management and storage base in big data and cloud

Target Audience:

  • Everyone interested in topics
  • NFV technology related network planners, NFV technology related network operation personnel

Conspect Show list

  1. First week
    • NFV Basis
      • Network Development Trends and NFV Technology
      • NFV Network Architecture
      • Key NFV Capabilities
      • Quiz
    • NFV Network Design
      • Overall Architecture Design for ToC Data Center
      • Computing Resource Design
      • Storage Resource Design
      • Network Resource Design
      • Cloud Management Design
      • Reliability Design
      • Security Design
      • Quiz
    • Vmware Basis
      • Introduction to Server Virtualization
      • Introduction to VMware Components
      • ESXi Introduction
      • vCenter Server Introduction
      • Introduction to Vmware virtual machines and virtual machine management
      • VMware vMotion & Storage vMotion
      • VMware Availability and Scalability
      • Quiz
    • First week test
  2. Second week
    • OpenStack Introduction
      • The History of OpenStack
      • Openstack Architecture
      • Nova Introduction
      • Swift Introduction
      • Keystone Introduction
      • Neutron Introduction
      • Glance Introduction
      • Cinder Introduction
      • Ceilometer Introduction
      • Heat Introduction
      • Quiz
    • Docker basis
      • Docker's development
      • Analysis of the essence of LXC technology
      • Docker Platform Architecture
      • Docker's core technology (Build.Ship.Run)
      • Docker platform with the advantages and disadvantages
      • Docker ecosystem of the industry application scenarios and enterprise applications
      • Quiz
    • Open source technology foundation
      • Linux System development history
      • The Development History of Open Source Protocol GPL and the Difference between Open Source and Closed Source
      • A variety of open source monitoring software introduction
      • A variety of open source monitoring software introduction
      • All kinds of open source distributed storage introduction
      • All kinds of open source automation management software introduction
      • Selection of Internet Architecture Based on Open Source Technology
      • Open source distributed database caching product introduction
      • Kubernetes Open source product introduction
      • Quiz
    • Second Test
  3. Third week
    • Principles of MicroService Micro Service Support Framework and Design
      • Evolution from Monolithic to Microservice Architecture
      • Design of the Docker-based Microservice Architecture
      • Docker-based Microservice Architecture Analysis
      • Microservice Architecture Design Pattern
      • Microservice Architecture Management
      • Quiz
    • Data center core technology network technology
      • IP routing technology
      • MPLS technology description
      • VPN technology description
      • IPv6 technical description
      • VLAN technology description
      • Overview of Network Routine Maintenance
      • QoS technology description
      • Switch Product Description
      • Router Product Description
      • NAT technology description
      • Firewall Product Description
      • Firewall technology description
      • Quiz
    • Final Test
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No prerequisites.

Difficulty level
Duration 15 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Huawei.


Huawei Certified Trainer.

Additional informations

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Duration: Min 3 weeks (15 days).

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