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Training goals

This course will cover best practices for installing and configuring Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7. This hands-on class covers the real-world tasks that a system administrator needs to know to deploy and manage applications on JBoss EAP. The topics in this course cover all of the exam objectives of the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration exam.

This course includes the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration exam (EX248).

Audience for this course:

  • System administrators who are either new to Red Hat JBoss or have experience with Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform 6.

Conspect Show list

  1. Overview of JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP)
    • Learn the concepts and terminology of JBoss EAP 7.
  2. Configure JBoss EAP in standalone mode
    • Run and configure JBoss EAP in standalone mode.
  3. Script configure and deploy applications
    • Configure JBoss Enterprise Application Platform with command line interface and deploy applications in standalone mode.
  4. Configure JBoss EAP as a managed domain
    • Run JBoss EAP as a managed domain, assign a domain controller, and configure a host controller and domain controller.
  5. Configure servers in a managed domain
    • Manage domain server architecture and configure servers and server groups.
  6. Configure datasources
    • Explore the datasource subsystem and configure JDBC drivers, datasources, and an XA datasource.
  7. Configure the logging subsystem
    • Configure loggers and logging handlers.
  8. Configure the messaging subsystem
    • Explore the messaging subsystem and configure messaging resources, journals, and other settings.
  9. Secure JBoss EAP
    • Configure a database security realm, an LDAP security realm, and password vault.
  10. Configure the Java virtual machine
    • Configure the JVM in standalone mode and in a managed domain.
  11. Configure the web subsystem
    • Explore and configure the features of the web subsystem.
  12. Deploy clustered applications
    • Explore clustered applications, configure subsystems that support clustered applications and configure load balancing, and deploy HA Singleton applications.
  13. Configure the batch subsystem
    • Explore and configure batch jobs and batch subsystem.
  14. Discover new features in JBoss EAP 7
    • Explore the new features in JBoss EAP 7.
  15. Comprehensive review of Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I
    • Review the key tasks in JBoss Application Administration I.
  16. Exam.
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Red Hat recommends these prerequisites:

  • Base experience with system administration on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux® operating systems
  • Understanding of hardware and networking

Note: No prior knowledge of Java™, scripting, or JBoss Developer Studio is required.

Difficulty level
Duration 5 days

Participants will obtain certificates signed by Red Hat.


Red Hat Certified Instructor.

Additional informations

Recommended next exam or course:

  • EX248 Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration exam.

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