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The Red Hat Certified Specialist in Hybrid Cloud Management exam (EX220) is a performance-based validation of Red Hat® CloudForms skills. Individuals who earn the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Hybrid Cloud Management have demonstrated the knowledge needed to deploy and manage a virtualization infrastructure using Red Hat CloudForms.

A Red Hat Certified Specialist in Hybrid Cloud Management is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Perform initial configuration of Red Hat CloudForms
  • Configure Red Hat CloudForms to connect to one or more cloud or infrastructure providers
  • Use Red Hat CloudForms to provision and manage virtual systems

This exam is based on Red Hat CloudForms 4.

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To help you prepare, review the exam objectives, which highlight the task areas you can expect to see on the exam. Candidates should be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Perform initial configuration of the CloudForms Appliance.
    • Configure CloudForms database and network settings.
    • Perform initial CloudForms configuration and configure server roles.
  2. Connect to one or more resource providers.
    • Connect to a Red Hat Virtualization infrastructure provider.
    • Connect to a Red Hat OpenStack®Platform cloud provider.
  3. Configure authentication and security.
    • Create and utilize tenants.
    • Create and utilize users, groups, and roles.
  4. Selectively grant access to virtual systems.
  5. Provision virtual systems.
    • Provision virtual machines.
    • Create provisioning key pairs.
  6. Create volumes and assign them to virtual machines.
  7. Use cloud-init to customize virtual machines.
  8. Perform other management tasks.
    • Create and and apply SmartTags.
    • Configure chargeback reporting.
    • Configure reporting.
    • Perform drift analyses.
    • Configure alerts.

As with all Red Hat performance-based exams, configurations must persist after reboot without intervention.

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Candidates for this exam should:

  • Red Hat recommends that candidates for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Hybrid Cloud Management exam have taken CL220 Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management and RH318 Red Hat Virtualization or have equivalent experience.
Difficulty level
Duration 1 day

Red Hat Certified Instructor.

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Recommended training:

  • CL220 Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management
  • RH318 Red Hat Virtualization.

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