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code: DCK-102

Containers play a vital role in the modern data-center, and Docker is leading the way. This course introduces students to the concepts of Docker. covers all the core features of Docker including: installing and basic management of containers, managing images and using Dockerfile to create and manage custom images.

Structure: 50% theory 50% hands on lab exercises.

Target audience: System administrators, developer.

Conspect Show list

  1. Introduction to cloud and containers
    • Cloud computing in general
    • Cloud types
    • Cloud native computing
    • Application containers
    • Containers on linux
    • Container runtime
    • Docker
    • Docker Ecosystem
    • Docker Ecosystem
    • Lab 1
  2. Installing docker
    • Distribution Packages
    • Packages from Docker
    • Docker-machine
    • Docker Daemon Configuration
    • Lab 2
  3. Managing containers
    • Docker - container run
    • Docker – container ps
    • Docker – container attach
    • Docker – container signal
    • Docker - accessing container FS
    • Lab 3
  4. Docker network - port publishing
    • Port publishing
    • Lab 4
  5. Docker storage - images
    • Docker storage
    • Docker storage - overlay FS
    • Docker storage - image layers
    • Docker images - commit
    • Docker images - cli
    • Docker images - work with images
    • Lab 5
  6. Building images
    • Docker images - Dockerfile
    • Docker images - Dockerfile syntax
    • Docker images - Dockerfile syntax
    • Docker images - Dockerfile syntax
    • Lab 6
  7. Docker registry
    • Docker registry
    • Docker registry CLI
    • Docker local registry setup
    • Lab 7
  8. Integrating docker into eclipse ide
    • Eclipse IDE for Developers
    • Cretating sample code - java
    • Building and Testing
    • Lab 8
  9. Docker storage - volume
    • Docker storage - volume
    • Docker storage - volume management
    • Docker storage - shared volume
    • Docker storage - shared volume examples
    • Lab 9
  10. Connecting containers
    • Connecting Containers
    • Lab 10
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Proficiency with the Linux CLI. A broad understanding of Linux system administration.


Difficulty level
Duration 2 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Component Soft.


Certified Component Soft Trainer

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