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Kubernetes is the leading open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. This course builds on the of Linux container and basic Kubernetes admin. skills participants gained on our Docker and Kubernetes trainings or in practice and enhance their knowledge with more advanced Kubernetes features and extensions such as Helm and Istio.

Structure: 50% theory 50% hands on lab exercises.

Target audience: System administrators, developers and devops with Kubernetes admin. skills who want to learn about advanced Kubernetes extensions like Helm and Istio.


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  1. Introduction to Helm
    • What is helm?
    • Main Helm Concepts
    • Helm Components
    • Helm Implementation
  2. Installing and securing Helm and Tiller
    • Installing Helm client
    • Installing Tiller
    • Upgrading Tiller
    • Deleting or Reinstalling Tiller
    • Using RBAC to restrict Helm’s scope
    • Using TLS/SSL to secure Helm
  3. Using Helm
    • Generic options
    • Working with repositories
    • Finding charts
    • Installing a release
    • Upgrading a release and rollback
  4. Helm Charts
    • Intro to charts
    • Chart lifecycle hooks
    • Managing charts with Helm
  5. Chart Templates
    • Getting started
    • Templates and Values
    • Dependencies and Values
    • Functions and Pipelines
    • Flow Control
    • Variables
    • Named Templates
  6. Helm plugins
    • Overview
    • Installing a Plugin
    • Building Plugins
  7. Introduction to Istio
    • What is a service mesh?
    • The architecture of Istio
    • Istio components
  8. Installing Istio in Kubernetes
    • Prepare the installation
    • Quick start with Istio
    • Customizing the installation using Helm
    • Installing the Istio Sidecar
    • Lab 1
  9. Istio Traffic Management
    • Traffic management concepts
    • Request routing
    • Handling failures
    • Rule configuration
    • Lab 2
  10. Security
    • Security needs
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Configuring security
    • Lab 3
  11. Policies and telemetry
    • Policy types
    • Platform support
    • Concepts
    • Configuration
    • Lab 4
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Linux container (e.g. Docker) and Kubernetes admin. skills, for instance participation on our Docker and Kubernetes admin. courses.

Difficulty level
Duration 2 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Component Soft.


Certified Component Soft Trainer.

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