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Ctab mini is not just another "special offer" – you choose whether you want to leave the training with the ctab tablet instead of standard training materials. Compendium EC is the only place where after course you may receive training materials prepared strictly for ctab tablet, Please remind: ctab is an integral part of training and it's included in the price of the session.

Ctab is made of components corresponding to the latest technology advances. Tablet combines functions of the portable computer and handy touch-screen interface. Combining and optimizing parameters together gave as a result product named CTAB. Our goal was to meet customers' expectations of the IT industry, who are among the most informed and challenging groups.

ctab mini
On our website, under each of the training outlines, you can choose the type of training materials that you would like to receive. Standard materials - price includes materials issued in the form of books or printed by Compendium EC depending on the authorizations findings. Ctab materials - price includes tablet ctab with electronic training materials or standard training materials plus additional materials submitted in electronic version (as PDF or EPUB), depending on the vendors arrangements.


ctab mini tablet tech specs:

ctab mini tech specs

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