Compendium Education Center was established to addres a training need of companies working in the IT industry. The mission of Compendium EC is to provide specialized training courses in advanced products and teleinformation technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The most significant asset that professional training provides is that it improves employees\' skills and gives your company the advantage over the competition. Our beneficial relationship with leading producers of innovative products and technologies provides many opportunities to promote their solutions in markets that have the highest investment potential and education needs in Central Europe.
Compendium - Education Center is a training center that offers the IT market up to date quality training courses for advanced telecommunication and information technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The new standard of courses offered by Compendium EC provides useful materials that make it possible to transform a technological theory into practical business values, realize stable progress, and that promotes innovation in the face of rapid technological change.

Most of the training sessions take place in Poland, although Compendium EC is able to provide selected authorized training programs abroad. The training sessions are delivered in English.

Training locations are set up individually with the clients. Our training policy for specialized products, which require excellent trainers qualifications and a complex equipment base, will help expand Compendium\'s EC educational activity in Central and Eastern Europe.


Among the Compendium Education Center’s clients are large enterprises and companies from the SME sector. Our educational expertise has been taken advantage of by state, local government and financial institutions, telecommunication operators, commercial enterprises and universities, state administration and companies from the chemical, educational, financial, telecommunications, consulting, media, industry, uniformed services, transport, health and pharmaceutical sectors.