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This comprehensive four-day course develops in-depth knowledge and skills in transforming XML documents using eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, or XSLT. Students work through extensive hands-on exercises in transformations from XML to plain text, HTML, and XML, with good grounding in XPath along the way. Intermediate and advanced techniques are also covered including variables and parameters, callable templates, sorting and grouping, tail recursion, working with multiple documents, and XSLT extensions. The course teaches XPath and XSLT 1.0 but looks forward to the 2.0 releases of both specifications with pointers about what new features to expect.

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  1. Chapter 1. Getting Started with XSLT
    • XSL and XSLT
    • Rule-Based Transformations
    • Templates
    • Producing Text, HTML, and XML
  2. Chapter 2. XPath
    • Addressing XML Content
    • XPath in XSLT
    • Tree Structure
    • XPath Expressions
    • Type Model
    • Context
    • Axis, Node Test, and Predicate
    • Abbreviations
    • Proximity Position
    • XPath Functions
    • Comparisons Between Various Types
  3. Chapter 3. Templates and Production
    • Template Matching
    • Built-In Template Rules
    • Recursion Through Templates
    • Template Context
    • Output Methods
    • Controlling Whitespace
    • Literal Replacement Elements
    • Formalizing Text, Elements and Attributes
    • Defining Target Vocabulary
    • Generating Processing Instructions
  4. Chapter 4. Dynamic Content and Flow Control
    • Deriving Source Content
    • Getting Source Values
    • Attribute Value Templates
    • Copying Source Elements and Trees
    • Looping
    • Conditionals
  5. Chapter 5. Variables and Template Management
    • Variables
    • Using Variables to Capture Context Information
    • Result Tree Fragments
    • Parameters
    • Calling Templates Explicitly
    • Global Variables and Stylesheet Parameters
    • Template Modes
  6. Chapter 6. Sorting and Grouping
    • Sorting
    • Data Type for Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Uses for Grouping
    • Using the Preceding-Sibling Axis
    • Using XSLT Keys
    • Iterating Over Groups
    • Iterating Within a Group
  7. Chapter 7. Advanced XSLT
    • Auto-Numbering
    • Number Formatting
    • XSLT Performance
    • Debugging and Diagnostics
    • Computing Aggregate Values
    • Tail Recursion
  8. Chapter 8. Multiple Documents and Transforms
    • Merging Multiple Source Documents
    • The XSLT Document Function
    • Reusing Transformation Logic
    • Including Transforms
    • Importing Transforms
  9. Chapter 9. Extensions
    • Extension Namespaces and Exclusions
    • Extension Elements
    • Extension Functions
    • EXSLT
    • Redirects
    • Node-Set Conversion
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Additional information

  • Ability to read and to write well-formed XML - Course 501 is excellent preparation.
  • Ability to read a DTD not strictly required, but preferred.
Difficulty level
Duration 4 days

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