Microsoft Exams Regulations

  • Compendium EC, Kraków, ul. Tatarska 5
  • Compendium EC , Warszawa, ul. Bielska 17
Exams can be taken Mon-Fri at 9:30am or 1:00pm.
Preliminary requirements: Please get acquainted with the manufacturer’s additional requirements at prior to sending your application.
Applications and registration:
  • Exam applications are accepted with the submission of the Microsoft exam application form
  • The completed form (a scan or file) should be sent by email to
  • Exams can be booked no later than 5 working days before the start of the exam session (based on the date of the receipt of an exam application at the Compendium CE Sp. z o.o.). Any number of exams can be taken on the same day.
  • Exams can be taken conditional on the full exam fee being paid prior to the exam to the Compendium bank account: account number, PLN: 74 1060 0076 0000 3210 0022 6028
  • Exams can be taken at the location indicated at the time of booking and on the day and hour confirmed by a Compendium employee.
  • In case of a failure to take the exam and cancel it at the pre- agreed time, the client who has made the booking has to pay in full for booked but not taken exams.

Cancellations and alterations:
  • Exam can be canceled or it’s date/time can be changed, but not later than 24 hours before the previous date and time of the exam.
  • The exam must occur during the date specified in the booking.
  • If participant will not participate in the exam and have not canceled it before, declarant is obliged to pay the total payment for all unrealized and ordered exams.
  • Information on exam prices can be obtained by calling 12 298 4777 or by sending your query by e-mail to:
  • Prices of exams are calculated based on fixed currency exchange rates: PLN 3.50 = USD 1 and PLN 4.50 = EUR 1.
Exam procedure:
  • Prior to the beginning of the session, a candidate must read and confirm the Prometric Testing Center Regulations. A candidate must also provide the following prior to the beginning of the session: personal details, such as name and surname, along with two IDs and a signature complying with the signature featuring in the documents.
  • Candidates can provide the following forms of identification: ID card (dowód osobisty), passport, driver’s license, student ID or military service book. Each candidate is assigned a separate computer station in a dedicated exam room. Exams are in the form of multiple choice questions to be answered in the specified time.
Results: After you answer all the questions (or the time limit expires), the completed application with the completed test is checked and assessed by the test software. When all participants finish the exam, they will receive a confirmation printout with the result of the test. On the same day, the test results will be automatically sent to the certification company. The certificate in the electronic form will be available by logging on to the MCP member site, using the MCP ID and Access Code. The profile also enables you to order the certificate in paper form.
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