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This MySQL Developer Techniques training teaches MySQL developers about writing techniques. Explore creating reports that support the end users.

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  1. Introduction
    • MySQL Overview, Products and Services
    • Supported Operating Systems
    • MySQL Certification Program
    • Training Curriculum Paths
    • MySQL Website
    • Installing MySQL
    • Installing the world database
  2. Improving Performance with Indexes
    • Query Executions in MySQL
    • Why Indexes?
    • When MySQL Uses an Index
    • Optimize Indexes
  3. Improving Searches of Date and Text Fields
    • Strings in Multiple Columns
    • Case Sensitivity
    • INET_ATON and INET_NTOA functions
    • Searching Dates
    • String Dates to SQL Dates
    • Dates to Integer Values
    • Dates to Strings
    • Nonspecific Date Searches
  4. Improving Inserts and Updates
    • INSERT Process
    • Storage Engine Specifics
    • MySQL Extensions
  5. Improving Calculations
    • Aggregate Multiplication Functions
    • Running Total Queries
    • Avoiding Division by Zero
    • Median Values
    • Simulating RANK
    • Solving Complex Problems
    • Miscellaneous
  6. Improving Joins
    • Query Optimizer
    • Overview of JOINs
    • Improving JOIN performance
  7. Trees and Hierarchical Data
    • Graph, Trees and Hierarchies
    • Adjacent List Structures
    • Nested Set Structures
    • Path Enumeration
  8. Utilizing Advanced Index Structures
    • MySQL Index Types
    • FULL TEXT Indexes
    • Simulating Function Based Indexes in MySQL
    • Optimizing End of Field Searches
  9. Working with Locking Levels
    • Locks
    • Explicit Table Locks
    • Storage Engine Locking Techniques
    • Locking Issues
  10. Creating Reports
    • Calculate Multiple Conditions
    • Create a Calculated Report
    • Quarterly Reports
    • SQL Bar Chart
    • Decision Tables
    • Materialized Views
    • Producing Sequential or Missing Data
  11. Conclusion
    • Course Overview
    • Training and Certification Website
    • Course Evaluation
    • Thank You!
    • QA Session
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  • Attendance to the MySQL for Developers course, or an equivalent mastery of database concepts, SQL and the MySQL server.
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