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This MySQL Developer Techniques with Advanced Stored Procedures training guides developers through advanced level MySQL Developer topics. Lessons from the MySQL Developer Techniques and MySQL Advanced Stored Procedures courses will be covered in one week.

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  1. Introduction
    • MySQL Overview, Products and Services
    • Supported Operating Systems
    • MySQL Certification Program
    • Training Curriculum Paths
    • MySQL Website
    • Installing MySQL
    • Installing the world database
  2. Improving Performance with Indexes
    • Query Executions in MySQL
    • Why Indexes?
    • When MySQL Uses an Index
    • Optimize Indexes
  3. Improving Searches of Date and Text Fields
    • Strings in Multiple Columns
    • Case Sensitivity
    • INET_ATON and INET_NTOA functions
    • Searching Dates
    • String Dates to SQL Dates
    • Dates to Integer Values
    • Dates to Strings
    • Nonspecific Date Searches
  4. Improving Inserts and Updates
    • INSERT Process
    • Storage Engine Specifics
    • MySQL Extensions
  5. Improving Calculations
    • Aggregate Multiplication Functions
    • Running Total Queries
    • Avoiding Division by Zero
    • Median Values
    • Simulating RANK
    • Solving Complex Problems
    • Miscellaneous
  6. Improving Joins
    • Query Optimizer
    • Overview of JOINs
    • Improving JOIN performance
  7. Trees and Hierarchical Data
    • Graph, Trees and Hierarchies
    • Adjacent List Structures
    • Nested Set Structures
    • Path Enumeration
  8. Utilizing Advanced Index Structures
    • MySQL Index Types
    • FULL TEXT Indexes
    • Simulating Function Based Indexes in MySQL
    • Optimizing End of Field Searches
  9. Working with Locking Levels
    • Locks
    • Explicit Table Locks
    • Storage Engine Locking Techniques
    • Locking Issues
  10. Creating Reports
    • Calculate Multiple Conditions
    • Create a Calculated Report
    • Quarterly Reports
    • SQL Bar Chart
    • Decision Tables
    • Materialized Views
    • Producing Sequential or Missing Data
  11. MySQL Stored Procedures Foundation
    • Compound Statements
    • Assigning Variables
    • Parameter Declarations
    • MySQL Supported Operators and Built-in Functions in Stored Routines
    • Obtain Information on Stored Routines
    • Alteration and deletion of Stored Routines
    • Backing Up/Recovery Stored Routines
    • Binary Logging of Stored Routines
  12. SQL and MySQL Stored Procedures
    • Flow Control Statements
    • SQL in Stored Routines
    • Dynamic SQL
  13. Handling Exceptions and Errors
    • Error Handling Capabilities and Limitations
    • Implementing Error Handlers
    • Other Handler Issues
    • Error Handling Limitations
  14. Managing Triggers
    • Creating Triggers
    • Obtain Information on Triggers
    • Delete Triggers
    • Trigger Limitations
  15. Data Security
    • Set Permissions
    • View or Stored Routine?
    • Invoker Rights Error
    • Preventing Code Injection
  16. Best Practices
    • Fundamental Programming Best Practices
    • Coding Style and Conventions
    • Variable Use Best Practices
    • Flow Control Best Practices
    • Dynamic SQL Best Practices
  17. Conclusion
    • Course Overview
    • Training and Certification Website
    • Course Evaluation
    • Thank You!
    • QA Session
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Dodatkowe informacje

  • Attendance to the MySQL for Developers course, or an equivalent mastery of database concepts, SQL and the MySQL server.
  • Be able to create user defined variables, prepared statements and stored procedures
  • Have experience with complex queries like joins and subqueries
  • Have experience with simple SQL queries
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