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In most environments managing the use of Open Source Software well requires the participation of business executives, the legal team, software architecture, software development, software maintenance and product management. In fact, one of the most significant challenges in Open Source Management is integrating all of these functions with their very different points of view into a coherent (and efficient) set of practices. The course is explicitly designed to help individuals in each role understand the key aspects of the other roles.

The course is organized around the key phases of developing a Professional Open Source Management program:

  • Open Source Software and Open Source Management Basics
  • Open Source Management Strategy
  • Open Source Policy
  • Open Source Processes
  • Open Source Management Program Implementation.


Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management
    • Open Source Software Basics
    • Professional Open Source Management
  2. Professional Open Source Management Strategy
    • Professional Open Source Management Strategy
  3. Professional Open Source Management Policy Development
    • The Elements of OSS Management: A Deeper Dive
    • Professional Open Source Management Policy Decisions
  4. Professional Open Source Management Process Development
    • Professional Open Source Management Process Development
    • Open Source Software Management Process Examples
  5. OSS Management Implementation Planning
    • OSS Management Implementation Planning
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This course has been designed for anyone concerned with and involved in Open Source Management, including operational and legal executives, software development managers, open source program managers, software architects, developers and maintainers and product managers of open source products or proprietary products containing significant open source. We have made every effort to present the concepts at a level that is accessible and relevant for all of these participants.

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The participants will obtain certificates signed by The Linux Foundation.


Certified The Linux Foundation Trainer.

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20 hours of self-course material.

12 Months of Access to Online Course.

Discussion Forums.

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LFC210 Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management

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