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Training goals

code: ELI-CSDT

This course introduces the digital business innovation, including Front-end and Back-end development language basis, Agile development foundation, Open source technology foundation, Principles of Micro Service, Micro Service Support Framework and Design, Cloud service solutions

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the commonly used front-end and back-end development language and their application scenarios and characteristics
  • Understand the basic knowledge of agile development, including the development of software engineering and agile management, agile basic framework and philosophy, SCRUM, XP framework, continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Understand how to transition from the waterfall development model to agile development model, how to set up an efficient agile development team, how to carry out agile software testing
  • Understand the history of the operating system, the origin of Linux systems, Linux development of the main nodes, various Linux distributions at home and abroad, the advantages of Linux
  • Understand the development of open source agreement GPL and open source and closed source difference
  • Understand a variety of open source monitoring software, open source distributed storage, open source automation management software, open source technology, Internet architecture selection, open source distributed database cache product introduction and selection
  • Understand the principle of micro service, micro service support framework and design
  • Understand the government cloud, education cloud, medical cloud typical solution

Target Audience:

  • Everyone interested in topics
  • Cloud service product developer

Conspect Show list

  1. First week
    • Front-end development language basis
      • Overview of front-end development languages
      • HTML5 Introduction
      • CSS3.0 Introduction
      • JAVASCRIPT Introduction
      • JQUERY Introduction
      • Objective-C Introduction
      • Swift Introduction
      • UI front-end design specification
      • Quiz
    • Back-end development language basis
      • C/C++Language introduction
      • JAVA Language introduction
      • Python Language introduction
      • Go Language introduction
      • Shell Language introduction
      • C# Language introduction
      • T-SQL Development language introduction
      • PL/SQL Development language introduction
      • Specification for writing high-quality code
      • Quiz
    • First week test
  2. Second week
    • Agile development foundation
      • History of Software Engineering and Agile Management
      • Framework and Concept of Agile Development
      • Introduction to SCRUM and XP
      • Continuous Integration and Delivery
      • How to Shift from Waterfall to Agile Development
      • Building an Efficient Agile Development Team
      • Introduction to Agile Testing
      • Quiz
    • Open source technology foundation
      • Linux System development history
      • The Development History of Open Source Protocol GPL and the Difference between Open Source and Closed Source
      • A variety of open source monitoring software introduction
      • All kinds of open source distributed storage introduction
      • All kinds of open source automation management software introduction
      • Selection of Internet Architecture Based on Open Source Technology
      • Open source distributed database caching product introduction
      • Kubernetes Open source product introduction
      • Quiz
    • MicroService Principles, Support Framework and Design
      • Evolution from Monolithic to Microservice Architecture
      • Design of the Docker-based Microservice Architecture
      • Docker-based Microservice Architecture Analysis
      • Microservice Architecture Design Pattern
      • Microservice Architecture Management
      • Quiz
    • Government cloud
      • Concept and Development Trend of Government Cloud
      • The Development Trend of China 's Government Cloud
      • The value of government cloud and operators to do business cloud advantage
      • Global government cloud development case
      • Huawei government cloud solution
      • Quiz
    • Medical cloud
      • Medical cloud background analysis
      • Overview and trend of medical cloud
      • Overview of Huawei's Medical Cloud Solutions
      • Quiz
    • Education
      • Educational cloud Overview
      • Definition and Overall of Education Cloud
      • Quiz
    • Final Test
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Additional information


No prerequisites.

Difficulty level
Duration 10 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Huawei.


Huawei Certified Trainer.

Additional informations

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) series “Everyone Learns IT” works based on the Huawei Learning Cloud Service.

Huawei Learning Cloud Services is a set of online learning management system can help companies to build an efficient and easy to use talent management and learning and development online learning platform. Providing include HR management, training management, online learning , e-lab services.

User can access learning cloud from Windows, MAC, iOS, Android.

All Huawei MOOC courses are provided in English.

Duration: Min 2 weeks (10 days)

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