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Compendium EC is Authorized Training Partner of Digital Marketing Institute. Our training offer includes authorized DMI digital marketing courses that discuss such topics as strategy and planning in digital marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and the introduction of digital marketing. This courses are addressed to people who are responsible for marketing activities every day, but also for those who just want to start their adventure with marketing. The courses are recommended also for entrepreneurs who are responsible for marketing at their own business. DMI courses also are an excellent opportunity to prepare and gain recognizable around the world DMI certification: PDDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, PDMM Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing, PDSMM Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

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The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Our syllabus defines the framework of knowledge, skill and competency required to meet the current and future demands of the Digital economy, and our practical, industry-driven qualifications are recognized as the international standard in Digital Marketing certification.

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