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Compendium EC is an Authorized Python Academy Training Center (APATC) and provides authorized training for a variety of Python training courses.

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Python Academy is a specialized provider of Python training. It offers courses for a wide range of Python topics. In addition, it customizes trainings to meet the special needs of clients and often combines training with consulting. Python Academy trainers are very accomplished Python developers with extensive teaching experience. Many of them are specialists for one or more Python frameworks or libraries and often authors of Open Source libraries.

The specialization on Python allows Python Academy to deliver in-depth coverage of advanced topics. At the same time, the didactic concepts for teaching participant Python basics are highly evolved to convey the specifics of Python.

Customers include: ArcelorMittal, Alcatel, Avira, AREVA, Dolby, Fraunhofer Institute, German Stock Exchange, German Aerospace Center, IBERDROLA, Max Planck Institute, Raiffeisen Bank, Siemens, UN, and Volkskwagen AG.

Python Academy works internationally and provides courses in different languages. More information about Python Academy can be found at its website:

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