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kod: ACM250-44 | wersja: 4.x

This course teaches Administrators how to install and configure Access Manager, and how to use it to provide secure access to the following applications or resources:

  • Web
  • Enterprise
  • Cloud
  • Mobile

This course covers new features in Access Manager 4.4.The hands-on labs for this course use version 4.4.1 of the Access Manager software.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Install Access Manager
  • Configure Network Settings
  • Configure Reverse Proxies
  • Rewrite Web Code with Rewriter
  • Enable SSL
  • Configure Domain-based Multi-homing using SSL
  • Enable Authentication
  • Configure Risk-Based Policies
  • Enable Web and Mobile Access
  • Customize the User Interface
  • Protect Web Resources with Roles
  • Troubleshoot Access Manager
  • Configure Single Sign-On with Form Fill Policies and Identity Injection
  • Configure SAML
  • Configure Federation
  • Configure WS-Trust
  • Configure oAuth and OpenIDConnect

Audience/Job Roles

This course is for anyone interested in using NetIQ Access Manager to control access to applications, the Web, and network resources in an enterprise environment from any location and from any device.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Introduction
    • Discuss a light overview of Access Manager
  2. Installing Access Manager
    • Discuss new features
    • Explain upgrade and installation
    • Describe the Identity Provider configuration
    • Describe the Access Gateway installation
  3. Administration Console Overview
    • Discuss the options in the Administration Console
    • Discuss an overview Access Gateway
    • Explain network settings in the Access Gateway
    • Describe how to import or export configurations
    • Discuss Code Promotion
  4. Logging for Troubleshooting, Compliance, and Active Monitoring
    • Discuss File System and General Logging
    • Discuss Session Based Logging
    • Discuss Compliance Logging
    • Explain where to configure compliance events to log
    • Discuss monitoring and analyzing events
  5. Web Proxy Configuration
    • Describe Web Server Acceleration
    • Discuss Proxy Options
    • Explain how to configure a proxy
    • Discuss Proxy Logging
    • Discuss Cache Settings
  6. HTML Rewriting
    • Discuss the rewriting process
    • Describe types of rewriter profiles
    • Explain how to configure HTML rewriting
  7. Securing the Communications
    • Discuss Certificates
    • Explain Public Key Cryptography
    • Describe how to configuring SSL and Certificates
    • Describe how to maintain and back up certificates
  8. Authentication
    • Discuss Embedded Service Providers
    • Describe the Default Contracts
    • Discuss Classes, Methods, and Contracts
    • Define Session Assurance
    • Explain Risk-Based Authentication
  9. Enable Web and Mobile Access
    • Describe the Web Access Portal
    • Explain how to configure Mobile Access
  10. Customizing the User Interface
    • Explain how to perform simple rebranding of the User Portal
    • Discuss customizing the Identity Server Pages
    • Discuss customizing the Identity Server Messages
    • Discuss customizing the Access Gateway Error Messages
    • Discuss customizing the Access Gateway Logout Requests
  11. Role-Based Access Control
    • Discuss an introduction to policies
    • Discuss role-based access control
    • Discuss Access Manager Authorization policies
    • Describe how to configure role-based access control
    • Identify policy troubleshooting tools
    • Explain troubleshooting steps
  12. Identity Injection and Form Fill
    • Discuss an Identity Injection overview
    • Describe Basic and Custom Header options
    • Discuss Form Fill Examples and Process
    • Describe Form Fill options
    • Define Form Fill Shared Secrets
  13. Using SAML with Access Manager
    • Discuss distributing identities
    • Discuss an introduction to SAML
    • Discuss core SAML terms and how it works
    • Describe SAML configuration settings
    • Discuss Troubleshooting SAML
    • Identify Troubleshooting Tools
  14. Using WS Security with Access Manager
    • Discuss WS-Trust overview and benefits
    • Discuss WS-Federation
  15. SAML Logging
    • Discuss SAML Logging
  16. oAuth and OpenID Connect
    • Discuss OAuth
    • Discuss OpenID Connect
    • Describe how to implement oAuth or OpenID Connect
  17. Component Clustering
    • Discuss Identity Server clustering
    • Discuss Access Gateway clustering
    • Discuss Administration Console fail-over
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne

To be successful in this course, you should have knowledge about the following:

  • LDAP
  • XML
  • SSL
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Web Applications
  • WS-Trust
  • WS-Federation
  • SAML
  • oAuth
Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 4 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Micro Focus (course completion).


Authorized Micro Focus Trainer.

Informacje dodatkowe

Software version used in the labs: 4.4.1

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