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With HCIA certification, you demonstrate a basic understanding of small and medium-sized networks, including general network technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized networks, and implement the designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Navigate and manage Huawei products through the virtual routing platform (VRP).
  • Build efficient data switching environments through the management of switching products and manipulation of related (STP/RSTP) link layer protocols.
  • Explain the principles of routing and configure (RIP/OSPF) routing protocols for implementation and support of effective enterprise network routing solutions.
  • Establish solutions for enterprise network administration and management through application layer services including DHCP, FTP and Telnet.
  • Establish a fundamental network capable of supporting basic communications.
  • Enhance link layer performance the through implementation of features and services including link aggregation, VLAN technologies and GVRP.
  • Manage and support Wide Area Network communications over serial links for a range of technologies including HDLC, PPP, PPPoE and Frame Relay.
  • Apply Network Address Translation (NAT) solutions for private networks.
  • Provide effective IP security solutions using various security architectures including Access Control Lists (ACL), AAA, and IPSec with GRE support solutions.
  • Describe solutions for unified enterprise network management, including SNMP and Huawei eSight NMS technology solutions.
  • Establish truly business capable enterprise networks for real-world industries.

Target Audience:

  • Those who wish to become a Huawei Certified Network Associate.
  • For those who possess basic IT skills, but lack knowledge of IP networks.

Conspect Show list

  1. Building Basic IP Networks
    • Enterprise Network Constructs
    • Ethernet Framing
    • IP Addressing
    • Internet Control Message Protocol
    • Address Resolution Protocol
    • Transport Layer Protocols
    • Data Forwarding Scenario
  2. Huawei Device Navigation and Configuration
    • Expanding the Huawei Enterprise Network
    • Navigating the CLI
    • File System Navigation and Management
    • VRP Operating System Image Management
  3. Supporting and Maintaining Enterprise Local Area Networks
    • Establishing a Single Switched Network
    • Spanning Tree Protocol
    • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  4. Establishing Internetwork Communication
    • Segmenting the IP Network
    • IP Static Routes
    • Distance Vector Routing with RIP
    • Link State Routing with OSPF
  5. Implementing Network Application Services
    • DHCP Protocol Principles
    • FTP Protocol Principles
    • Telnet Protocol Principles
  6. Local Enterprise Network Features and Services
    • Link Aggregation
    • VLAN Principles
    • GARP & GVRP
    • Wireless LAN Overview
  7.  Connecting Beyond the Enterprise Network
    • Bridging Enterprise Networks with Serial WAN Technology
    • Frame Relay Principles
    • Establishing DSL Networks with PPPoE
    • Network Address Translation
    • Establishing Enterprise Radio Access Network Solutions
  8. Securing the Enterprise Network
    • Access Control Lists
    • AAA
    • Securing Data with IPSec VPN
    • Generic Route Encapsulation
  9. Enterprise Network Management Solutions
    • Simple Network Management Protocol
    • eSight Network Management Solutions
  10. Supporting IPv6 Networks
    • Introducing IPv6 Networks
    • IPv6 Routing Technologies
    • IPv6 Application Services – DHCPv6
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A working knowledge of IT technologies.

Difficulty level
Duration 10 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Huawei.

This course prepares you for the HCIA Huawei Certified ICT Associate - Huawei Networking Technology and Device certification (H12-211 exam). HCIA certification exams are offered worldwide through the Pearson VUE test centers. More information about Huawei certification program and available specializations you can find on the!createNavi?navId=_31&lang=en


Huawei Certified Trainer.

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