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kod: CV844GPL | wersja: v12.x

This course will expose the beginning z/OS DBAs (Database Administrators) to fundamentals of Database Administration for a Db2 12 for z/OS. This course will teach the students how to physically implement a logical database design using DDL, and teaches considerations of referentially related tables. This course discusses the use of basic utilities, program preparation, serialization, and basic database security. This course does not cover distributed data processing, nor does it cover data sharing.

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  • Students who will be performing the role of Db2 for z/OS database administrators who need to acquire the basic skills required to administer a Db2 database.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

• Course Overview
• Intended Audience
• Course Objectives
• Prerequisites

Unit 1 - Db2 Relational database concepts
• Relational Database design
• Data access
• Interacting with Db2
• Catalog and directory

Unit 2 - SQL and SPUFI
• SQL SELECT statement review
• Joining tables
• Executing SQL using SPUFI

Unit 3 - Db2 objects (Storage groups, databases, and table spaces)
• Object concepts
• Storage Groups
• Databases
• Table Spaces

Unit 4 - Db2 Objects (Tables, indexes, and views)
• Tables
 o Aliases
• Table constraints
 o Primary key
 o Foreign key
 o Check
 o Referential integrity
• Indexes
• Views
• Qualified names
• Implicit object creation

Unit 5 - Utilities
• Utility Categories
• Load Utility
• Check Data Utility
• Unload Utility
• Runstats Utility
• Reorg Utility

Unit 6 - Commands and program preparation
• Db2 Command Structure
• Display Command
• Archiving Logs
• Stop and Start Commands
• Executing Commands
• Program Preparation

Unit 7 - The Db2 system
• System Parameters (zParms)
• Address Spaces
• System Databases
• Buffer Pools
• Logging
• Integrity
• Security

Unit 8 - Db2 Shutdown, startup, and recovery
• Start and Stop Commands
• Db2 Shutdown Process
• Db2 Startup Phases
• System Recovery
• Object Recovery
• Copy Utility
• Recover Utility

Appendix A - Demonstration solutions

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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne
  • Familiarity with the z/OS operating system, including TSO, ISPF, and SDSF
  • Familiarity with SQL data manipulation statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE) to access and change the contents of Db2 tables
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Czas trwania 3 dni

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