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ExtremeWireless Cloud Training ECS course provides Extreme Networks customers and partners theoretical and practical hands-on training to give students a better understanding of Extreme Networks Cloud Wi-Fi technologies. Students will also learn how to manage and orchestrate ExtremeWireless Cloud from within the ExtremeCloud IQ management platform.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Understand the Cloud Services platform
  • Understand the evolution of distributed architecture
  • Take a first look at ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Understand the basics of WLAN technologies
  • How APs connect to and communicate with the ExtremeCloud IQ
  • An intro to the Guided Configuration of Objects
  • Learn about the Client monitoring features within ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Defining all user traffic settings
  • A primer on 802.1x troubleshooting
  • Looking at the capabilities of the Network 360 tool and the richness of its data
  • Understanding the benefits of PPSK on a WLAN
  • Assigning WiFi-settings to the radios in an AP
  • Defining global port settings
  • An introduction to SDR
  • How to use and create CCGs
  • Understanding the use cases for classification
  • Combining Classification Rules for user VLANs using CCGs
  • Using Management and Native VLANs to optimize deployment
  • Looking at some of the diagnostic tools available within ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Basic Administration walk through
  • How to do firmware updates using ExtremeCloud IQ
  • What you need to know about the ExtremeWireless exam

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • Solution Overview
    • Global Data Centers
    • Regional Data Centers
    • ISO 27001
    • GDPR and Privacy
    • Private Cloud
    • Local Cloud
    • Wireless Hardware
  • Distributed Architecture
    • Understanding the evolution of distributed architecture
    • Distributed Control
    • Cooperative Control Protocols
  • Creating an ExtremeCloud Account
    • Taking a first look at ExtremeCloud IQ
    • Logging in for the first time
  • Predictive Modeling
  • WLAN Design Concepts
    • Coverage Design
    • Roaming
    • Layer 2 Retransmissions
    • Capacity Design
    • Airtime Consumption
    • Co-Channel Interference
    • Antennas
  • Device Discovery and Provisioning
    • Device Redirection Services and Auto-Discovery
    • Auto-discovery for on-premises
    • Management Protocols and Device Updates
    • Adding Devices into ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Guided Configuration and Object Management
    • Guided Configuration of Objects
    • Clone Tool
  • Monitoring Clients, Users and Client 360
    • Monitoring Clients
    • Monitoring Devices
  • User Profiles
    • Defining VLANs
    • Firewalls
    • Tunnelling
    • Rate Limiting
    • URL Filtering
    • Availability Schedule
    • Assignment Rules
  • Troubleshooting 802.1x
    • IEEE 802.1X with EAP
    • 1X Troubleshooting
  • Network 360
    • Monitor View
    • Device Health
    • Client Health
    • WiFi Health
    • Network Health
    • Services Health
    • Application Health
    • Security Health
  • Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK)
    • Understanding PPSK
    • 1X/EAP
    • Mapping User Profiles to User Groups
    • User Groups
    • PPSK Credential storage
    • RadSec Proxies
    • Secure Access with Cloud PPSK
    • RadSec Troubleshooting
  • Radio Profiles
    • Showing Radio Profiles through a Lab
  • Device Templates
    • AP Device Templates
    • Radio Settings
    • Radio Usage
    • Mesh
    • Exclude Channels
    • Transmit Power Control
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
    • Dual Band APs
    • Dual 5GHz WLAN design
    • SDR Radio Profile
  • Cloud Config Groups and Classification Rules
    • Cloud Config Groups – What are they?
    • Classification Rules
    • Joining CCGs and Classification Rules
  • Classification Rules
    • VLAN Objects
    • Captive Web Portals
    • Time Zone Objects
    • Use Cases
    • Server Objects
    • AP Device Templates
    • SSIDs
  • Deployment Optimization
    • Management and Native VLANs
    • Using Trunked Ports and VLANs
    • AP and VLAN guidelines
    • Configuring rollback timer
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Diagnostic Tools
    • Device Diagnostic Tools
    • Ping
    • Points of Failure
    • VLAN Probe
    • Common CLI Commands
  • Dashboards
    • Network
    • Reports
    • Diagnostics
    • Inventory
    • Insights – Comparative Analysis
    • Insights – Proximity
    • Insights – Presence
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Administration
    • Communications
    • Account Management
    • Administrator Accounts
    • Internal Admin Accounts
    • External Admin Accounts
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Global Settings – Logs
    • Global Settings – Audit Logs
  • Firmware Updates
    • How to do firmware updates using ExtremeCloud IQ
  • ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam
    • What you need to know about the ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam
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Wymagania wstępne

Students should have a working knowledge of networking concepts and a basic understanding of WiFi technologies although prior experience of WLAN design and deployment is helpful.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 2 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Extreme Networks.

This course prepares also for the Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS) – ExtremeWireless Cloud certification exam.

More information about Extreme Networks certification program and available certification levels you can find on the


Authorized Extreme Networks Trainer.

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