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This course provides instruction on HPE Synergy configuration, administration, management, troubleshooting and maintenance. This hands-on course covers day-to-day administration skills on HPE Synergy Composer, storage module, compute modules, frame management, fabric connectivity, multi-frame domains and server profile management. Students also learn about HPE Global Dashboard features.

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Introduce composable infrastructure (basic concepts) and HPE Synergy domains
  • Explore the functional architecture of the HPE Synergy environment, including management infrastructure (HPE Synergy Composer and Frame Link Modules), compute modules, interconnect modules, local storage systems, power and cooling
  • Review the HPE Synergy portfolio and equipment capabilities
  • Explain the HPE Synergy master/satellite interconnects, topology and cabling


  • System administrators, engineers and consultants who install, manage, and monitor HPE Synergy systems
  • New HPE Synergy customers or HPE BladeSystem c-Class customers interested in HPE Synergy

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • Module 0: HPE Synergy Administration with HPE OneView Course Overview
    • Introduce composable infrastructure (basic concepts) and HPE Synergy domains
    • Explore the functional architecture of the HPE Synergy environment
      • Management infrastructure (HPE Synergy Composer and Frame Link Modules)
      • Compute modules
      • Interconnect modules
      • Local storage systems
      • Power and coolin
    • Review the HPE Synergy portfolio and equipment capabilities
    • Explain the basics of the HPE Synergy master/satellite interconnects topology and cabling
  • Module 1 HPE Synergy Solution
    • Solution overview
      • Planning steps
      • Configuration steps
    • Hardware overview
    • Management appliances
    • Frame management cabling
    • Power cabling
    • Interconnect link topology
    • Accessing HPE Synergy Composer
  • Module 2: HPE Synergy Cabling
    • Ethernet modules
    • Interconnect link topology
    • Ethernet traffic flow
  • Module 3: HPE Synergy Networking
    • Network connectivity settings
    • Address identifier service
    • Network, network sets
    • Logical interconnect groups
    • Enclosure groups
    • Logical enclosure
    • Interconnect settings, LACP load balancing
  • Module 4: HPE Synergy Storage
    • SAN configuration
    • Storage management
    • SAN Manager
    • Networks
    • Zoning
    • Fabric
    • Composable arrays
    • Volumes and volume templates
    • Storage options
      • Storage array
      • HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module
  • Module 5: HPE Synergy Composability
    • Server hardware
      • HPE Synergy Gen10 Compute, HPE Integrated Lights Out 5
    • Server hardware types
    • Server profile template
    • Server profile
    • Physical addressing
    • Compliance
  • Module 6: HPE Synergy Firmware
    • Current HPE OneView Updates
    • Acquiring firmware
    • Interconnect firmware updates
    • Compute firmware
    • OS tools
    • Appliance firmware
    • Upgrading hardware
    • Preparing to upgrade
    • Best practices
    • Tools
    • Compliance
    • References
  • Module 7: HPE Synergy Scaling
    • Scaling frames in HPE Synergy
    • Adding a remote management ring
    • Frictionless scaling of a logical enclosure
      • The procedure for scaling from one to two frames
      • The procedure for scaling from two to more frames
      • Scaling with 25/50 Gb interconnect link modules
  • Module 8: HPE Synergy Maintenance and Growth
    • Maintenance topics
    • Remote management ring
    • Adding frames
    • Composer upgrades
    • Composer migration
    • Flm move to 4 port
    • Changing Ethernet fabric
    • New LIG|EG, reparent LE
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne

Basic networking and HPE OneView experience is strongly recommended

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 3 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by HPE (course completion).


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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