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This course will focus on resources for automating setup, configuration changes, and working with server profiles in an HPE Synergy environment. Participants will work with an HPE Synergy environment focusing on automating HPE Synergy resources with PowerShell, REST, and Ansible playbooks. The course consists of 30% lecture and 70% hands-on lab exercises.


Course objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Configure and use HPE OneView PowerShell library and scripts for HPE Synergy setup automation.
  • Configure and use HPE OneView Postman workspace to review HPE OneView Synergy setup configuration and automation of configuration tasks.
  • Configure and use Ansible playbooks to review HPE Synergy setup configuration and setup server profile automation.



HPE Synergy administrators; architects; engineers interested in techniques for firmware management, monitoring, and composing HPE Synergy resources.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • HPE Synergy Automation Tools Overview
    • Initial HPE Synergy setup
    • HPE OneView PowerShell module
    • HPE OneView REST API
    • HPE OneView Ansible collection
  • Setup and Automation with PowerShell
    • Using the HPE OneView PowerShell library
    • HPE OneView REST API
    • Sample scripts
    • Generating sample code
    • Setup
    • Reference resources
    • Common commands used in scripts
    • Example server profile template scripts
  • Setup and Automation with REST
    • Using the HPE OneView REST API
    • Reference resources
    • Common command syntax
    • Using HPE OneView Postman workspace
    • Examples
  • Setup and Automation with Ansible Playbooks
    • Infrastructure automation with Ansible and HPE OneView
    • Older HPE OneView SDK for Ansible
    • Ansible collection for HPE OneView
    • Ansible components
    • Setup
    • Resources on
    • Examples setup and automation with Ansible playbooks. Playbook server profile example exercises:
      • Initial HPE Synergy setup and configuration
      • Server profile (SP) from server profile template (SPT)
      • Deploy SP with hardware
      • Create basic SPT, set SPT boot mode, Boot, C
      • Power off/on hardware
      • Set SPT connections
      • Deploy SP with connections
      • Set SPT with firmware
      • Set local storage
      • Set SPT with SAN storage
      • Set SPT BIOS values
  • Lab 1: Connect to Virtual Lab
  • Lab 2: HPE OneView PowerShell
    • Exercise 1 - Restore initial snapshot
    • Exercise 2 - Create HPE OneView PowerShell setup scripts
    • Exercise 3 - Setup script examples for complete HPE Synergy configuration
  • Lab 3: HPE OneView REST API
    • Exercise 1 - Accessing and browsing the HPE OneView API online reference
    • Exercise 2 - Using HPE OneView Postman workspace for REST API requests and responses
    • Exercise 3 - Using and creating REST examples
  • Lab 4: HPE OneView Ansible Collection
    • Exercise 1 - Restore configuration snapshot
    • Exercise 2 - Examining environment
    • Exercise 3 - HPE OneView Ansible collection environment
    • Exercise 4 - Playbooks to review configurations
    • Exercise 5 - Automating server profile configuration
      • Playbook: Server profile (SP) from server profile template (SPT)
      • Playbook: deploy SP with hardware
      • Playbook: create basic SPT, set SPT boot mode, boot, bios
      • Playbook: Power off/on hardware
      • Playbook: Set SPT connections
      • Playbook: Set SPT with firmware
      • Playbook: Set local storage
      • Playbook: Set HPE iLO config
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Wymagania wstępne

H0LN3S HPE Synergy Administration or equivalent knowledge.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 2 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by HPE (course completion).


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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