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The Managing Zerto: Setup, Protection, and Recovery course prepares beginner to intermediate Zerto users to deploy, configure, and manage the solution in VMware vSphere® environments. Ideal for hands-on practitioners, the training focuses on core concepts and components with Zerto, including material on the major recovery operations such as failovers, tests, and restores. Hands-on labs are included to give learners firsthand experience with setup and protection, plus instant recovery from ransomware after a simulated infection.


Course objectives

By the end of this class, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the top use cases Zerto supports and what architectures are needed for each
  • Describe the major Zerto components and how they interoperate
  • Install, set up, and configure Zerto in a vSphere environment
  • Protect virtual machines replicating locally and to a secondary peer site
  • Perform the most common recovery operations, including file restores, failover tests, live failover, and moves



  • Zerto customers
  • Zerto partners

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • Zerto Overview
    • Define Zerto platform
    • Explain Zerto platform functionalities
    • Zerto components
    • Architecture
  • The Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM)
    • Overview
    • Requirements
    • Compare Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) and Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA)
    • Installation requirements
    • Installation considerations
    • Installation options
    • Best practices
  • Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs)
    • Define Virtual Replication Appliances (VRA)
    • Virtual Replication Appliances (VRA) requirements
    • Source and target VRAs
    • Zerto data path
    • VRA cluster deployment
  • Journal
    • Journal overview
    • Journal process
    • Elastic Journal overview
    • Journal settings
    • Journal sizing
    • I/O considerations
    • Estimating Journal sizing
    • Checkpoint overview
    • Creating checkpoint
    • Write-order fidelity
  • Virtual Protection Groups (VPG)
    • Types of VPGs
    • Process
    • Setting a VPG
    • Creating a VPG
    • One-to-many overview
    • Local continuous backup
    • Effective cloud utilization
    • VPG replication prioritization overview
    • VPG replication prioritization in GUI
  • Zerto Replication
    • Replication types
    • Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) syncs overview
    • Initial sync workflow
    • Initial sync details
    • Continuous data protection workflow
    • Continuous data protection details
    • Bitmap sync workflow
    • Bitmap sync details
    • Delta sync workflow
    • Delta sync details
  • Long-term Retention (LTR)
    • Overview
    • Architecture
    • LTR with Amazon S3
    • LTR with Microsoft Azure
    • LTR repository
    • LTR disk object map
    • LTR process
    • LTR scale-out-write
    • Continuous data protection (CDP) with LTR
    • LTR scale-out-read
    • Index and search overview
    • Index and search architecture
    • Recovery with LTR
    • LTR use cases
    • Data protection workflows
    • Disaster recovery and backup
    • Immutability overview
    • Tiering overview
    • HPE StoreOnce overview
    • HPE StoreOnce and Zerto
  • Zerto Analytics (ZA)
    • Zerto Analytics overview
    • Zerto Analytics secure architecture
    • Zerto Resource Planner overview
    • Zerto Resource Planner requirements
    • Zerto Resource Planner process
    • Using Zerto Resource Planner
  • Recovery Operations: Restores
    • Recovery operations overview
    • Recovery operations key concepts
      • Scratch disks
      • Commit policies
      • Reserve protection
    • Restore from Journal
    • Instant virtual machine (VM) recovery
    • Instant file and folder restore
  • Recovery Operations: Test Failover
    • Overview
    • Process
    • Recovery report
    • Test failover uses
    • Scratch disk
      • Overview
      • Size and location
      • Failover test
      • Failover live and move
  • Recovery Operations: Live Failover
    • Overview
    • Prerequisites
    • Parameters
    • Process
    • Commit policy
      • Overview
      • Example
      • None
      • Auto-commit
      • Auto-rollback
      • Considerations
    • Virtual machine (VM) shutdown overview
    • Reserve protection overview
  • Recovery Operations: Move
    • Overview
    • Move parameters
      • Commit policy
      • Force shutdown
      • Reserve protection
      • Keep source virtual machines (VM)s
    • Move process
  • Lab 1: Express Installation
  • Lab 2: License and Pair Zerto Sites
  • Lab 3: Virtual Replication Appliance Installation on Each Host
  • Lab 4: Create a Virtual Protection Group
  • Lab 5: Use Zerto Analytics to Review and Monitor Protection
  • Lab 6: Failover Test
  • Lab 7: Recovery Reports
  • Lab 8: Create One Last Virtual Protection Group
  • Lab 9: Copy a Virtual Protection Group
  • Lab 10: Create a Preseeded Virtual Protection Group
  • Lab 11: Create a Locally Protected VPG
  • Lab 12: Edit a Virtual Protection Group and Add a VM
  • Lab 13: Restore Files and Folders
  • Lab 14: Failover Test
  • Lab 15: Perform a Live Failover
  • Lab 16: Perform a Move Operation
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne

No prior Zerto experience is required. The class assumes familiarity with VMware vSphere® and virtualization technologies.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 2 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by HPE (course completion).


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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