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HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ, Nimble primary storage and StoreVirtual VSA with HPE StoreOnce systems. This provides application managed data protection that speeds and simplifies data protection for virtualization data on your 3PAR StoreServ array, while bypassing traditional backup server-based processes. This course provides hands-on configuration of the RMC appliance and the RMC-V appliance plug-in to backup and restore virtual machines.

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the RMC architecture
  • Create and configure virtual machines in VMware
  • Use RMC to back up VMs to a StoreOnce appliance using catalyst (CoFC and CoETH)

Audience / Job Roles

This course is intended for IT professionals who want to evaluate the deployment, configuration, and administration of services and virtual machines using RMC-V.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Concepts and Components
    • Explain the theory of operation of HPE Recovery
    • Manager Central (RMC)
    • Describe how RMC handles data (synthetic backup
    • and multi-streaming support)
    • Describe RMC Catalog Protection
    • Describe the additional RMC objects when using
    • RESTful API script
    • Describe the RMC Express Protect backup
    • Describe the RMC Element Recovery Technology (ERT)
    • Describe the Peer Copy feature
  2.  RMC Deployment Models
    • List the system requirements for HPE Recovery
    • Manager Central (RMC) 6.1.0
    • List RMC connectivity options
    • Explain the RMC deployment using VMware Installer and Hyper-V installer
    • Describe consideration on choices during RMC deployment
    • Describe StoreOnce VSA deployment
  3. RMC Operations
    • Describe the RMC workflow
    • Backup application using RMC quick steps
    • Navigate the RMC GUI and dashboard
    • Configure items on RMC GUIExplain Copy Policy
    • Explain Remote Appliance
    • Create Express Protect backups
    • Create Catalyst copies
    • Import and export a configuration file
    • Shut down and restart the RMC appliance
  4. RMC-V Deployment and Operation
    • Deploy Recovery Manager Central vCenter plug-in (RMC-V)
    • Use the RMC-V interface to create and manage recovery sets
    • Add HPE StoreOnce Express backup
    • Explain the data protection methods such as working with snapshots and backups
    • Explain the VMware Linked Mode effect in operation of RMC-V
    • Explain the Element Recovery Technology (ERT) feature in RMC-V
  5. HPE RMC and 3PAR StoreServ Remote Copy
    • Describe the functions of StoreServ Remote Copy and RMC
    • Describe Remote Copy configurations used with RMC
    • Describe Remote Snapshot in different RMC-x plug-ins
  6. RMC 6.0 Integrations
    • Explain the features of HPE RMC 6.1 .0 for Microsoft Exchange (RMC-E)
    • Describe how to install RMC-E
    • Explain the features of HPE RMC 6.1.0 for Microsoft SQL (RMC-S)
      • Describe how to install RMC-S
    • Provide an overview of RMC for Oracle (RMC-O)
      • Discuss RMC-O deployment
      • Discuss RMC-O requirements
    • Provide an overview of RMC for SAP HANA (RMC-SH)
    • Discuss the SAP configuration required for RMC-SH
      • Discuss RMC-SH deployment
  7. Troubleshooting RMC and RMC-x Plug-in
    • Resetting the RMC password Generating a support ticket
    • Using the Activity section of RMC to troubleshoot issues
    • Troubleshooting some of the most common issues with RMC and RMC plug-ins
  8. Best Practices, Licensing, and Security
    • Describe the required licenses
    • Describe the best practices for RMC security
  9. Upgrades
    • RMC 6.1.0 can upgrade RMC 6.0.0
  10. Lab 1: Accessing HPE vLabs
    • Exercise 1: Access the HPE vLabs
  11. Lab 2: Installing RMC on VMware ESXi
    • Exercise 1: Install RMC 6.1.0
    • Exercise 2: Set the NTP server and time zone
    • Exercise 3: Set up the software iSCSI adapter at the ESXi host (this is in prep for ERT lab)
  12. Lab 3: Understanding RMC Basics
    • Exercise 1: Access RMC
    • Exercise 2: Check if Storage Devices added during RMC installation can be seen
    • Exercise 3: Protect an application using RMC
    • Exercise 4: Make new protection policy
    • Exercise 5: Applying newly created protection policy
    • Exercise 6: Setting up Catalog protection
  13. Lab 4: Using RMC for VMware
    • Exercise 1 - RMC-V configuration
    • Exercise 2 - One-time protection in RMC-V
    • Exercise 3 – Delete the RMV Lab VM and restore it
    • Exercise 4 – Migrate Lab System VM to 3par_lun2 datastore
    • Exercise 5 – Un-register and unmount clone datastore
    • Exercise 6 – Restore Lab System VM using Virtual Clone
  14. Lab 5: Configuring and Using RMC with 3PAR Remote Copy
    • Exercise 1: Configure and use RMC with 3PAR Remote Copy
  15. Lab 6: Peer Copy lab for RMC 6.1.0
    • Exercise 1 - Add Copy Repository for each of Storage devices
    • Exercise 2A- Creating Peer Copy
    • Exercise 2B - Apply the Peer Copy Policy
    • Remove the previous copy Policy from the Volume Set
    • Applying Peer Copy Policy to the Volume Sent Appendix
    • License expires in inserv414
    • Tips on RMC Peer Copy reset
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne
  • Professional experience in information technology
  • Basic knowledge of StoreServ (3PAR) administration
  • Basic knowledge of VMware® virtual machine administration
  • Basic knowledge of StoreOnce appliances and catalyst
Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 2 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by VMware (course completion).


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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