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kod: H61R2S

This course introduces students to the HPE XP8 array terminology, function, architecture, and configuration. Students get hands-on practice with LUN and volume management, data replication, cache partitioning, thin provisioning, auto LUN, Performance Monitor, and Performance Advisor. This course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on labs.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the hardware architecture of the HPE XP8 storage array
  • Use the HPE Intelligent Storage Manager user interface to view and manage the HPE XP8 storage array
  • Use the RAID Manager command line to manage the array configuration
  • Set the fibre port topology for the HPE XP8 ports
  • Configure LUNs
  • Use the Volume Manager to create custom size volumes
  • Understand how to implement LUN security
  • Handle multiple paths to a LUN
  • Understand HPE XP8 replication products: HPE XP8 Business Copy, HPE Data Protection Manager, and HPE XP8 Fast Snap
  • Understand how to use external storage


This course is for storage administrators responsible for the configuration and management of HPE XP8 disk arrays.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  • Module 1: HPE XP8 Array Concepts and Hardware
    • Architecture overview
    • HPE XP8 building blocks
    • Component details
    • Bundled and optional software
    • Terminology
    • Interoperability
  • Module 2: Remote Web Console
    • Management options
    • Web console architecture
    • Web client requirements
    • Web console navigation
  • Module 3: HPE XP Command Line Interface
    • Setup RAID Manager
    • Send commands to SVP in-band and out of band
    • Authenticate with SVP
    • List array configuration
  • Module 4: Introduction to HPE Intelligent Management Suite and HPE Intelligent Storage Manager
    • HPE Intelligent Management Suite introduction
    • HPE Intelligent Management Suite installation, setup, and upgrade
    • HPE Intelligent Storage Manager features, layout, and setup
    • Architecture
    • GUI navigation
  • Module 5: Volume Management
    • Initialize a parity group, preparing it to be added to a pool
    • Create a thin provisioning pool
    • Create thin provisioned volumes (ThP vVOLs)
    • Command line for volume management
    • Securely delete data using Volume Shredder
    • Set LDEV access control using the data retention utility
  • Module 6: LUN Management
    • Fibre port management
    • Host groups
    • Host modes
    • Fibre port topology and settings
    • Create LUNs and command devices
    • Command line for LUN management
    • Use of the HPE XPInfo tool
    • Multi-pathing solutions
    • HPE XP and VMware® plug-ins
  • Module 7: HPE XP8 Smart Tiers
    • THP Smart Tiers
    • Configure Smart Pools for use with Smart Tiers
    • Capacity expansion enabled FMD pools
  • Module 8: Cache Partitioning
    • With and without cache partitions
    • Cache logical partitions (CLPRs)
  • Module 9: HPE XP External Storage
    • Overview and features
    • External storage path modes
    • Cache mode
    • Use with cache partitions
    • Configure external ports
    • Configure external volumes
    • Power on and off order
  • Module 10: HPE XP8 Advanced Quality of Service (aQoS)
    • Features of aQoS
    • aQoS commands
    • Example of aQoS impact to host IO
  • Module 11: HPE XP8 Performance Advisor
    • Product overview
    • Collecting array and host information
    • Management Station: components
    • Host agents and clients
    • Installing and logging on to Performance Advisor
    • Performance Advisor GUI
    • Performance Advisor licensing
    • Configuration data collection
    • Creating charts
    • Generating and scheduling reports
  • Module 12: HPE XP8 Business Copy
    • Business Copy terminology
    • Full copy vs. Fast Snap comparison
    • Business Copy operations and states
    • Configuring Business Copy with HPE XP Intelligent Storage Manager
    • Configuring Business Copy with RAID Manager
  • Module 13: HPE XP Data Protection Manager
    • Total data protection
    • Application integration
    • Building block and terminology
    • Architecture
    • Concepts
    • Role based access controls
    • Authentication services
    • Licensing
  • Module 14: HPE XP Migration (Auto LUN)
    • Tiered storage approach
    • Auto LUN migration
    • Auto LUN tasks
    • Auto LUN migration configuration
    • Best practices
  • Module 15: HPE XP8 Fast Snap (Snapshots)
    • Fast Snap overview
    • Fast Snap components
    • Floating snapshots
    • Snapshot states
    • Cascade snapshots
    • Fast Snap clone
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne

It is useful for students to have knowledge of networks and the storage administration tasks for the operating system being served by the array.

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 4 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by HPE (course completion).


Authorized HPE Trainer.

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