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If you’re wondering how cloud can transform your business then this course is for you. Aimed at business leaders new to cloud, this course provides insight into Google's approach to digital transformation, and how to embrace cloud in your business. This training is designed to give you foundational knowledge about cloud technology, data, and Google Cloud products that enable digital transformation. Empowering you and your team(s) to contribute to cloud-related business initiatives in your organization.

Course objectives

  • Recall fundamental cloud terminology
  • Identify Google Cloud products and solutions that support
  • digital transformation
  • Explain how cloud technology and data can be leveraged
  • to innovate within organizations
  • Explain infrastructure and application modernization with
  • Google Cloud
  • Describe contributing factors to the success of cloud operations
  • and security


  • Traditional enterprise business decision makers
  • Suitable for all management levels leading Product, Projects, Programs, Operations, Line of Business, Finance, People Management, Sales, Marketing, and Client Management interested in how Google Cloud can support their business transformation
  • Participants should be reasonably new to cloud technology

Conspect Show list

  • Digital Transformation with Google Cloud
    • Topics
      • Why cloud technology is transforming business
      • Fundamental cloud concepts
      • Cloud computing models and shared responsibility
    • Objectives
      • Explain why and how the cloud revolutionizes businesses.
      • Explain general cloud concepts.
      • Discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of using infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).
    • Activities
      • Define digital transformation.
      • Discuss current and future IT infrastructure implementations.
      • Identify how network performance impacts digital transformation.
      • Discuss the business drivers that drive service model choice.
  • Innovating with Data and Google Cloud
    • Topics
      • The value of data
      • Data consolidation and analytics
      • Innovation with machine learning
    • Objectives
      • Describe the role of data in digital transformation and the importance of a data-driven culture.
      • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for data management
      • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for smart analytics
      • Identify Google Cloud’s solutions for Machine Learning and AI
    • Activities
      • Organize your business datasets into ‘buckets’
      • Identify the best data management solution
      • Knowledge check - practice exam questions
  • Infrastructure and Application Modernization with Google Cloud
    • Topics
      • Modernizing IT infrastructure with Google Cloud
      • Modernizing applications with Google Cloud
      • The value of APIs
    • Objectives
      • Describe the key benefits of infrastructure and application modernization with reference to cloud technology.
      • Differentiate between virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing.
      • Explain the Google Cloud solutions that help businesses to better manage their systems, such as App Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine.
      • Explain how Google Cloud solutions support app modernization and simplify API management.
    • Activities
      • Address business challenges with infrastructure modernization
      • Relate infrastructure modernization options to your business
      • Identify five key patterns for application modernization
  • Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations
    • Topics
      • Financial governance in the cloud
      • Security in the cloud
      • Monitoring cloud IT services and operations
    • Objectives
      • Describe financial governance in the cloud and Google Cloud's recommended best practices for effective cloud cost management.
      • Explain how IT teams and business leaders can use principles from DevOps and SRE to increase cloud operational efficiency.
      • Identify Google Cloud solutions for cloud resource monitoring and application performance management.
    • Activities
      • Identify how to improve operations using cost management approaches
      • Recall and identify common cybersecurity threats
      • Review misconceptions about security in the cloud
      • Identify permissions and access requirements
      • Knowledge check - practice exam questions
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Additional information

  • Knowledgeable about their own business products / services and industry
  • No prior technical knowledge is required
Difficulty level
Duration 2 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Google Cloud Platform. 


Authorized Google Cloud Platform Trainer. 

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